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Ho Hum – Another Arrest for Burglary on San Francisco’s Duboce Avenue

Monday, December 7th, 2009

This is how it goes when you’re a little less than cooperative and you’re arrested for burglary on Duboce near Steiner in San Francisco. You’ll have SFPD ten cops sitting around waiting for the paddy wagon.

When the van arrives you’ll get picked up by four of them and get carried away horizontally and face down.

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That’s the difference between an arrest and a Terry Stop, which one officer can do all by his lonesome.

And oh yes, feel free to use the term mother fucker as a noun of direct address as you get spirited away.

It’s your right as an arrestee, after all.

The SFPD is All Over Union Square and Mid-Market These Days, As You Might Expect

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Now, “as you might expect” – that has to do with the Christmas shopping season of course. You very well might expect SFPD cops standing on street corners doing nothing, but I’ve never seen the kind of holiday-season police presence that we have now. Doesn’t seem like the usual San Francisco approach, actually.

Another Brother getting hassled by The Man, or something like that. Lady Gaga was shocked by this Terry Stop(?) (I used to know this stuff, when I learned it back in the previous decade, when you were probably nine years old). And Snoop Dog? He didn’t say a word. Good thing they were protected from falling Hibernia Bank bricks, anyway:

IMG_0761 copy

Is this due to a new police captain at the Tenderloin Station? Or is it due to our new police chief? Maybe both?

No se.

On It Goes.