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“Hospital Property?” Wear It Like a Badge of Honor, Wear It Like You Wear Your CDC Prisoner T-Shirt

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

I guess writing HOSPITAL PROPERTY on hospital property cuts down on theft of hospital property:

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Add it to the list of contraband clothing – here’s another entry:

Halloween 2012 is just three short weeks away!

The Police Horses of Mid-Market – Mounted SFPD iPhone Theft Patrol, 7th and Market Streets

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

You know, I think a cowboy from 150 years ago would totally get this scene. You have a constable with a hat and a gun and a pair of boots, mounted on a horsey, looking for thieves on Market Street near a set or train tracks:

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Clever Cyclist Avoids Perils of Saddle Theft by Dispensing with a Saddle – When Oh When Will SF Criminalize Bike Theft?

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012


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Now, what do the little monsters, the defective people who steal saddles and seatposts, like, what do they do after? Sell them parts for $5 to some guy in a van underneath the freeway on Division?

All right, it’s a living, I guess.

Shoplifter at the Union Square Apple Store – A Sidewalk Scrum for iPhone – Bad Security Guards on Video

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

I don’t know how long you’ll be able to watch this one – all the action is in the first part and then it just goes on and on. (“Aagh, I can’t breathe!” “Get off of him!” ”Aagh, I can’t breathe!” “Get off of him!”)

Not sure if the shoplifter had an actual iPhone. Seems as if he had, at the very least, some kind product endorsed by Dr. Dre, anyway:

Beats Studio by Dr. Dre – Hi-Def Noise-Canceling Over-Ear Headphones

And, indeed, those can retail for up to $350, so one of the security guards got that part right. As far as everything else though, there’s just too much to inventory – this is like a video on how not to detain a shoplifter. (Should you let go of the perp temporarily to show off the booty to sway the crowd? Probably not. I could go on, but, as always, You Make The Call.)

It ended up requiring the attention of both the SFPD and the SFFD. (I wonder if there’s an official report or two on this incident.)

Anyway, I’m surprised this one didn’t go viral:

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Let’s Be Careful Out There…

Justin Ryan Beck is Back! OccupySF = Hippie, Cop, Nervous Pup, Hipster, Black Power Salute, MUNI 1057 (Cincinnati, 1948)

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Famous San Francisco street photographer Justin Beck has bounced back from losing his camera on the mean Streets of San Francisco, looks like.  He’s got another Nikon to work with so that’s nice.

Check it, a canary yellow streetcar.

Is this an album cover? 

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Poor pooch. Daijoobu, daijobu. Gambate!

Better Know Your Area Bike Thieves – A Clean Getaway at 475 Sansome – YouTube Video Shows Technique

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Via The Tens comes word of this bike theft video.

Do you know this guy?

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Famous San Francisco Street Photographer Justin Ryan Beck Gets Camera Stolen From His Hands at Arguello and Balboa

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Do you know how much bad art we pay for? I mean, there’s lots and lots of (government-funded and government-mandated) bad art around town, let me tell you.

OTOH, popular photographer Justin Ryan Beck does his good art, his street photography, for free for one and all – isn’t that nice?

Or least it was nice, until yesterday, when the digital camera he was using got stolen out of his hands in the Richmond District at four-something PM in the afternoon:

I’m OK but was just robbed at the corner of Arguello and Balboa. Talked to cops. Time for a new camera I guess. :/” 

Here’s his last photo. It appears he’ll be on a break for a while.

Oh well.

How can we get a DSLR, preferably a new Nikon along with a wide anglish lens or two, back into the hands of JRB, you know, where it rightfully belongs?

Your Bicycle’s U-Lock on the Mean Streets of San Francisco: A Thermite Cutter or a Plasma Torch Just Might Do You In

Monday, July 11th, 2011


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Don’t know what did this kind of damage.

Anyway, that’s the evidence, as found on Oak Street north of SoPA and South of NoPA, so it’s up to you to figure the M.O.

[Oh, an angle grinder - that also could explain the burning. See comments.]

[Oh, it could have been an  oxy-acetylene torch as well. See comments.]

Or it could have been Arnold – he has the equipment, anyway.

Just as Cigarettes Can Be Used as Currency in Prison, Bicycles are as Good as Money in Civic Center

Friday, June 10th, 2011

A happy bicycle thief strolls past the bike racks on Grove right in front of San Francisco’s Main Public Library.

This is the locus of bike theft for Northern California.

Oh well.

Anyway, bikes function  in this area as money, meeting all the standards – medium of exchange, store of value, you name it.

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(Unless it’s a Bianchi, then it’s worth more.)

Your bike, the one that somebody has stolen or will steal, is worth $20. :(

Oh well.

The suspect said that the bike lock was so cheap and the bike was so expensive that it was beyond his control to not steal it,” Northern police Capt. Ann Mannix said during a Wednesday police meeting on crime trends.

Libraries and bikes just don’t match in the Twitterloin.

On It Goes.

And oh yes, your mid-to-late-90′s aluminum Trek is no longer worth $1000. And not even the “Bike Shepherd” can find it for you:

  • Theft description: Stolen between 8:40 – 10:15 PM April 21, 2011 Grove & Market bike racks in front of the SF Public Library Main Branch, during a performance at Kunst-Stoff Arts space across the street. Homeless man said he saw a guy with bolt cutters, but unsure of this report.
  • Make: Trek
  • Model: ZX 7000
  • Frame size:
  • Manufacture year: ’96 / ’97 / ’98?
  • Color: Green & Purple
  • Serial:
  • Value: $1,000 + ?
  • Description: Stolen between 8:40 – 10:15 PM Grove & Market bike racks in front of the SF Public Library Main Branch TREK ZX 7000 Forest green, royal purple frame Hybrid: mountain frame + road tires Black & silver Terry bike seat Upward curving silver handlebars Red & silver University of Colorado at Boulder registration tag # ending in 75 & Pinhead locks
  • Status: stolen
  • Finder’s fee: None
  • Taken from: In front of the San Francisco Public Library Main Branch
  • Last seen: 21-Apr-2011


Out With the Old and In With the New: A Mess of New Bike Racks Installed in Front of Out Flagship Nordstrom Mall

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011


Angle Grinder Man had just taken out the old, poorly-designed snake-like rack. [Cue Finest Worksong.] The bunch of new light-silvery racks you can see should be in place by now.

I dare you to park your bike here betwixt Union Square and San Francisco Centre overnight. Without proper theft hardening, and very possibly even with, the little monsters will have taken the bulk of it by sun-up. Truth.

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If you think this sitch of not having enough bike racks around town is all Crazy Rob Anderson’s fault, well, we’ll have to disagree.

The time to rise has been engaged
You’re better best to rearrange
I’m talking here to me alone
I listen to the finest worksong
Your finest hour
Your finest hour