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KRON-TV Journalist Blamed for SFPD Crackdown: On Craigslist: “FUCK STANLEY ROBERTS – $100,000” – More People Behaving Badly

Friday, August 7th, 2015

Here’s the call:

And here’s the response:


Recalling the Time that Mary Jung, PG&E Manager and New Chair of the SF Dems, Threatened Me in the Presidio

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Here’s part of last night’s big DCCC meeting at the State Building. It’s very boring:

In years past, the election of Chair was a BFD, but this go-around was a done deal from the get-go. Mary Jung, Manager, Local Government Partnerships at PG&E Corporation will lead the San Francisco Democrats for the next couple of years.

Speaking of which, I was at some event at the Presidio a while back when I ended up asking a woman about seeing a 15-passenger van with Nevada plates parked in front of City Hall. (It seems that a local utility, one of the worst in the nation, had hired election workers from out-of-state. Or at least it looked that way to me. The workers told me they were from Reno and they wanted to know how to get to the Mission District.)

Actually, I had already posted the photo of the van in front of City Hall along with a few comments about Proposition whatever-it-was.

When the woman found out about that, she said,

“It would be in your interest to take that post down.” 

Just like that.

And I thought, whoa, is she threatening me?

And then I realized she was.

So later on that evening I was pedaling up Arguello and she offered me a ride her Honda Civic(?) wagovan. At that point she was probably just trying to be nice but it reminded me of that van scene from Three Days of the Condor, the one where Max Von Sydow warned Robert Redford.

And here’s what’s spooky – a couple years later, the outfit she works for killed eight people in San Bruno.

Just like that.

The woman’s name is Mary Jung and the company she labors for is Pacific Gas & Electric.

Hey, do you think maybe that PG&E has a little too much influence on San Francisco?

I do.

PG&E doesn’t.

[UPDATE: Oh yeah, I took the post down later that night. Cause, you know.

This was the explanation I ended up getting about the van all the way back in 2008:

“We are renting vans and sometimes the rentals come from all over the place.  we’ve had vans with canadian plates, too.”

Fair enough, but I considered that horseshit at the time (and I still do now). And It seems odd that the gals themselves similarly came from the Silver State. I was shocked that it was worth their time to travel all that way just for PG&E’s faux grassroots campaign.]