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Hey, Why Don’t We Spend Our Money on Critical Transit Infrastructure Instead of the Central Subway Big Dig 2?

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Here’s the news of the day, from Will Reisman:

San Francisco Central Subway costly even if aborted

Well, sure.


Costly mistakes such as the politically-motivated Central Subway project can be costly. Yes.

The question now is what to do about it, right?

Now, what about the hundreds of thousands of dollars we’ve given to Tom Otterness? If we say we’ve made a mistake, go away Tom, keep the money we’ve already given you, well then yes, that will cost us money. But it’d the right thing to do at this point.

Similarly, the hundreds of millions already sunk into the Central Subway project will be “wasted” if the Feds pull the plug or if Congress changes its mind or if we just cancel it on our own. But it’d be the right thing to do at this point.

The politicians who say they support the Central Subway – you know what they really think about it? For a lot of them, they have a nuanced position, they’re not mindless cheerleaders the way they sometimes seem.

Can you think of any other big federal project that had such a negative grand jury report come out beforehand? I can’t.

What other large federally-funded project in American history, you know, a project designed ostensibly to benefit just one city, has had such strong local opposition?

We’re special! We’re unique!

At least the Bridge to Nowhere was eventually cancelled, right?

Anyway, just for laughs, since the politicians in charge wish to ignore it:


Now, is the Central Subway the best way to spend transit dollars, the best way to improve MUNI? That’s the question.

It’ll cost $315,660 per new rider, minimum? What if it were a million – would the boosters still be boosting? Well, sure, that would mean more money for them, more money for the politically-connected builders, right?

It’s the same question now as four years ago:

“Central Subway: Visionary Project or Colossal Boondoggle?”

And the answer’s the same now – yes it’s a visionary project and yes it’s a colossal boondoggle.

Oh well.

MUNI’s Dog-Killing Tom Otterness and BART’s Lying Linton Johnson: Advice for Unpopular Millionaires

Monday, September 19th, 2011

Hey Tom Otterness! You’re rich, right?*

So why not take the $750K that MUNI or the SFMTA or the Central Subway has granted you and spend it on animals, like donate it to a shelter for abused dogs or something?

That would serve to make your apologies more real.

And then you could put this issue to bed and then you could more easily get contracts in the future.


Hey Linton Johnson! You’re rich, right?*

So why not take part of the $170k+ per year pay package you cost BART and use it to reimburse the $872 you had billed to the taxpayers for those two SUVs that nobody even used?

Wouldn’t that be fair?


*If not, you should be, right? You make a lot of money, considering, right? 

Best San Francisco Examiner Newspaper Cover Ever: “Art Money for a Dog Killer” Re: Central Subway Art

Friday, September 16th, 2011

There’s no reason for me to read the actual bit, AFAIAC, ’cause I already don’t like our troubled CentralSubwayBigDigSubwayToNowhere.

Click to expand

But as for you, enjoy.

Central T Subway: Connecting People, Connecting Communities, Giving Money to Dog Killers 

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