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DPT: Tough People, Good Jobs

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Do you know why San Francisco enforces parking laws so zealously? It’s because San Francisco makes money enforcing traffic laws so zealously.

This scene reminded me of this album’s back cover, for some reason:

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That’s why.

(Apparently, the SFMTA has abandoned “DPT” as a department name, owing to the baggage associated with it. But the rest of SFGov doesn’t seem to know that. Oh well.)

How to Tell that the DPT Really, Really Doesn’t Like You: The Chalking of the Hong Fook Center Econoline

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Of course, DPT needed to chalk the tires on this Ford, but look how it was done:

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This chalking was done in anger, looks like.

DPT: Tough People, Good Jobs 

San Francisco Parking Control Officers – “Good People” with “Tough Jobs”?

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

That’s what the bumper stickers on the little carts say. And here’s the subtitle:

“Assaulting a parking control officer is a crime we will prosecute.”

MUNI Fare Inspectors similarly are also Good People with Tough Jobs, apparently.

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Good to know.

A Mystery Solved – MUNI’s Twittering Fare Inspector Tells the Whole Story

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Here’s the deal. Back in the day, about a half-decade ago, they didn’t make 35mm digital cameras with full-frame sensors AND high frames-per-second capability. So your lens would see things the sensor did not, and all that information on the outside edge of the “image rectangle” would just dissappear into the black void. As in this entry of the now famous female Transit Fare Inspector

Here’s the rest of her day from a photo of a different bus. At 3:30 PM, some richly misunderstood punk got a ticket for not having his MUNI transfer and he took it out on the poor TFI. See? It’s conveniently highlighted in yellow on the ad: 

It goes on to say how you can appeal a citation. So, the messages sent are these:

Don’t attack the TFIs because they are just doing their job, which includes doing many helpful, useful things.

Don’t attack the TFIs because you’ll have recourse later on to fight against your unfair citation.

I’ll confess that I missed the punchline of the ad, so I missed most of its meaning.


Carry on.

San Francisco MUNI Fare Inspectors – Good People, Tough Jobs

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

So this is the ad you can see on the side of a San Francisco MUNI bus – “Good People. Tough Jobs.” The same slogan is on some of the vehicles the Parking Control Officers use these days (and you know, they could always twist it around to Tough People, Good Jobs and use it for recruiting.)

Anywho, the bus ad has a Transit Fare Inspector’s pretend Twitter feed on the right side. About what you’d expect, except for two entries. Check it out.

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10:05 AM Stopped a tagger from vandalizing a Metro train.”

O rly? What’d you use – handgun, rifle, akido, maybe a 12-gauge shotgun?

“12:25 PM Broke up a fight between two passengers.”

That’s it, no details? We gots to gets the deets.

Maybe MUNI should set up a fare inspector as an official Twittererer for a week or so. In real life. The fare inspector could give out tips to passengers, show what a typical day is like, give advice on how to hold onto your Apple iPod, etc…

It couldn’t hoit.