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Transbay Terminal Groundbreaking – Huge Turnout, with Pelosi, Boxer, LaHood…

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Here’s the mise-en-scene:

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And here are the stars: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, United States Senator Barbara Boxer, and, at the podium, that Transbay Joint Powers Authority Executive Director I remember meeting at Town Hall in SoMA a half-decade ago. (Didn’t know what this project was all about back then – anyway, she’s still totally gorgeous. Oh, turns out I still have her business card, she’s Maria Ayerdi-Kaplan and she went to UC Berkeley undergrad and UC Hastings Law School, like a kajillion lawyers in town.)

Also on hand was a host of more local pols, like Assemblywoman Fiona Ma, Mayor Gavin Newsom, Board of Supervisors President David Chiu,  Supervisor Chris Daly, Supervisor Sophie Maxwell, SFMTA CEO Nat Ford (“Chairman of the Ford” he was called), the list went on and on.

And, that savvy AND very smart (a dangerous combination that’s rare in San Francisco politics) former Mayor Willie Brown knew just when to show up to make the maximum impact. His late-on-purpose Grand Entrance was made all the grander with the biggest hat I’ve seen him wearing. (Any smiles you see house right/stage left are not really happy smiles, they’re looks of disapproval. Oh well.)

Throw in buzzwords / phrases such as Grand Central Station of the West, world-class city, constancy, and you got yourself the Transbay Terminal groundbreaking in a nutshell.

Expect the “tallest tower in the West” and “San Francisco’s newest neighborhood” to come online by 2017 or later.

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MUNI Supervisor Says the “Suspicious Package” at the Transbay Terminal Now is “Bigger than a Backpack”

Monday, September 28th, 2009

This is the scene on Fremont Street as the San Francisco Bomb Squad is investigating a suspicious package near the TransBay Terminal.

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Last I saw, nearby office buildings were being evacuated by the SFPD.

Find out how it turned out from editor Brock at

Mayor Gavin Newsom Demands a Downtown Terminal for CA High Speed Rail

Monday, January 26th, 2009

You know what San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom wants? He wants the new California High Speed Rail System to make tracks all the way up to the new Transbay Terminal near Mission Street instead of having the rails end around the CalTrain Station on King Street. Says our Mayor, who is right now this moment learning all about high speed rail on the scene in Paris, France:

 We’re not going to build a $2 billion bus station under my watch.”

Well, that says it all.

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François Lacôte, SVP at French conglomerate (and BART train maker!) Alstom Transport, and our globetrotting First Couple, Gavin Newsom and Jennifer Siebel Newsom, today trainspotting in France. Via the Mayor’s Office of Communications.

And you know who would agree with Gavin? Dave Snyder, Transportation Policy Director at San Francisco Planning + Urban Research (SPUR). He thinks the voter-approved high-speed rail should “reach right into the heart of San Francisco, even if it costs more than… [nibbles right pinky ] one billion dollars.”

However, High Speed Rail Authority Chair Quentin Kopp might look at things a different way.

What will it appear like? Here’s an idea on the YouTube: San Francisco Transbay Transit Center Animation. Complete with intra- and inter-city rail, it’s just like a small version of Toyko Station. They want you to think of it as the Grand Central Station of the West(TM).

Will we get the necessary $300,000,000 “train box” underneath the TT earlier rather than later? Will CalTrain finally have a chance to get up there to Mission as well? Stay tuned.

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