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San Francisco is a “Transit First” City Except When It Comes to … Subsidized Housing Projects – Free Parking!

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Loads of free parking, actually.

This used to be Octavia, BTW, before they paved commuter paradise and put up a parking lot:

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It’s your very own gated community* in the otherwise high-rent* eastern Western Addition / western Civic Center / North of Hayes Valley area what’s just a five-minute walk from City Hall.

And sometimes there are two security guards standing on either side of this gate to welcome you home.*

(Bonus: Back in the day, my then-girlfriend’s then-20-something then-roommate had sex* with then-married, then-Mayor Willie Brown, high up there in one of the two cylindrical-type high-rises you can see camera right in the background. Isn’t that funny?*)

Anyway, when you hear the phrase “Transt First,” be sure to realize it means “Transit First Except For…”

*Sort of.