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Zillow Claims to Know the Best Places to Trick-or-Treat for Halloween 2010 – Try These Nabes on the Way to Sea Cliff

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Our Zillow Blog is out with its San Francisco Trick-or-Treat Housing Index this AM – turns out that 2009 runner-up Noe Valley gets the crown for 2010. Get all the deets below.

(Zillow factors in crime data as well, but I’m always out there double-strapped betwixt Devil’s Night and All Saints Day so I don’t care much about that.)

The costume for 2010 is, once again, Catbus and Totoro.

(Or anything to do with the SF Giants – we’ll be celebrating that night if they win the World Series in four games…)

As promised, the deets:

“This year, the City’s youngest residents can rejoice, because not only is San Francisco ranked the second-best city in the country for trick-or-treating, but we’ve also got the scoop on the neighborhood level too. For the second year in a row, we put our data statisticians to work calculating Zillow’s San Francisco Trick-or-Treat Housing Index — a scientific crack at ranking neighborhoods for the best candy booty.

Top 5 San Francisco Neighborhoods to Trick-or-Treat in 2010

1. Noe Valley (#2 in 2009)
Marina (#19 in 2009)
Haight-Ashbury (#4 in 2009)
Inner Richmond (#3 in 2009)
Pacific Heights (#14 in 2009)

See you out there!

Huge Anti-Violence Peace March in San Francisco’s Mission District

Monday, September 8th, 2008

Lots of people marched down 24th Street and held a candlelight vigil last night in San Francisco’s Mission District. The motivation for this quiet parade of over 300? All the recent violence in the area, and particularly the shootings over the past two weeks.

People started gathering at 24th and Treat at 6:30 PM last night in front of the Mission Educational Projects building.  Click to expand:

Supervisor Tom Ammiano and Police Commissioner David Campos were both on the scene.

Is Pasta Roni/Rice-a-Roni the King of Slack Fill?

Friday, June 27th, 2008

So here’s what you get when you throw down for Parmesan Cheese Pasta Roni. After you take out the all-important but pretty small natural flavoring packet, you’re left with what you see below. Is this what they call “slack fill,” or “the difference between the actual capacity of a container and the volume of product contained therein“?

 You make the call.


California Business And Professions Code BPC Section 12606 has a few things to say about these matters.

If somebody looked into this situation, could that lead to what they call a nuisance lawsuit? We’ll just have to wonder about that.

Imagine what the “Roni” people or the folks at Quaker, a unit of PepsiCo Beverages & Foods, would have to say about this.


Things can get a little complicated when you’re packing up the angel hair. Life was so much simpler back in the day, when the DeDomenico family started up the San Francisco Treat down in the Mission.

Anyway, couldn’t these pasta boxes be a little smaller?