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UFL Football League Struggles to Pay the Bills, But Will the NFL Strike Help Paul Pelosi’s Sacramento Mountain Lions?

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Here are all the deets since the UFL‘s California Redwoods started playing professional at AT&T Park in 2009.

Our “local” team has upped and moved to Sacramento – they’re called the Mountain Lions now. Oh well. At least the uniforms have a dignified, old-school look, so that should please area writer Joe Eskenazi.

You’d think the enormous squad of cheerleaders would be called the Kittens, or the Pumettes, or maybe even the Cougars, but no, they’re called the Lady Lions. See?

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Anywho, elements of the UFL, as you might imagine, are having trouble paying the bills. Uh oh. (Hey you know what happens to a McDonalds what doesn’t pay its employees as agreed? Bad tings, that’s what happens. But if the UFL doesn’t doesn’t make sure that its employees get paid, well that’s A-OK, huh?)

But maybe the 2011 NFL lockout will result in an increase in talent tout de suite?

Stay tooned…

Sacramento, Sacramento, where you at, after the jump


Professional Football at AT&T Park – the UFL’s California Redwoods Debut in San Francisco

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Get the story on the UFL’s California Redwoods over at SFWeekly with Joe Eskenazi’s lengthy report and see some more photos here at the Examiner.

Did the San Francisco team really fly in from Arizona just before the game on Saturday and then leave just after?

Are you cheering yet? All right, Let’s Go Redwoods:

IMG_8557 copy

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A fiery entrance:

IMG_8490 copy

Football at AT&T Park – never seen that before:

CRW_6665 copy

The mise-en-scene:

IMG_8648 copy

Seemed like real football to me:

IMG_8521 copy

Of course, there were a few tree huggers in the crowd:

IMG_8662 copy

Are these EMTs actually Trauma actors preparing for next season?  

CRW_6687 copy

Whoops, missed the big bounce, bounce, bounce interception – here it is up on the big screen:

CRW_6733 copy

Speaking of which, lots of fans ended up there as well.

CRW_6720 copy

Ezekiel in the House:

CRW_6682 copy

Hey, who’s that guy in the Giants gear?

IMG_8825 copy

And that the UFL’s debut in San Francisco.