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Pyramid Power, 94117

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

The largest bike light I’ve ever seen, in all my years:


SFMTA “Beautification” Effort Fails at Great Highway and Kirkham – Why Not Paint What Should be Red Curbs Red?

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

The street triangles of the Outside Lands become an issue for the SFPD:


You see, the problem here is that there isn’t any church around to persuade the SFMTA about how it’s OK to park next to a median, oh well…

Mission Bikes Offers Up Advice on How to Lock Up your Bicycle – Rim Through the Rear Triangle

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

From Vic Wong of Mission Mission comes this security tip from the Mission Bicycle Company.

Click to expand

Looks good to me.

And it’s much better than this method, seen in the SoMA:


The “Secret Sherry Society” Once Again Pays a Visit to San Francisco

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

To the annoyance of famous local writer Beth Spotswood (“Spam?” Oh no!), the Secret Sherry Society is back in town again. I infiltrated their previous visit last summer, but didn’t say nothing about it due to a possible conflict with “work.” (But you know, I was probably worried over nothing, probably.)

Anywho, the takeaway I took from the Sherry Council of America is that the word Sherry comes from the name of Jerez, Spain. (Did not know that, no sir.) So that means that, in a way, Sherry is just like Champagne, with all the nitty gritty that entails. (We use semi-genericized names in America – it’s the law, ’nuff said. But that doesn’t stop producers from telling the world why their stuff is better, fair ’nuff.)

I’ll definitely say that the final round they served with dessert at the Slanted Door restaurant was Too Sweet For Me, but the other types they had were not. Do you want to get into the different styles and what goes well with what and let’s have a Sherry-themed dinner party? Well, the SSS would be delighted.

IMG_7063 copy

Not so secret, with the glass walls and all:

IMG_7113 copy

So, if you ever get invited to a Secret Sherry Society event, don’t consider it spam, consider it $95/pound Jamón ibérico. And then go and ask them what would pair well with Jamón ibérico. I’m sure they’d have an answer, they’re lovely people.

Of course you’re too young to remember, but I know about how the image of Tequila has come a looooong way the past couple of decades – perhaps this effort from the Sherry folks will serve to change the image of Sherry over the coming months and years.

Only Time Will Tell.

Aftermath of the Arson Attack on the Twin Peaks Pink Triangle

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Here’s what Twin Peaks looks like after the intentional act of arson over the weekend:

IMG_8944 copy

Click to expand.

This is what it looks like a little higher up from the Twin Peaks Overlook:

IMG_8943 copy

It seems like a pink Hindenburg crashed:

IMG_8939 copy

And the remaining balloons look like the start of a Christo art exhibit

IMG_8947 copy

Anyway, it looks like a few road flares could have done the damage, which amounts to about 150 square feet or so of charring. 

Oh well.

Pink Triangle Commemoration of Holocaust Victims, San Francisco, California

Monday, June 30th, 2008

Each year, Patrick Carney organizes the installation of a huge pink triangle on the slopes of Twin Peaks in San Francisco.

This commemoration of the gay victims of the Holocaust and reminder of the on-going inhumanity to repressed minorities around the world is always well-attended. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi couldn’t attend this year but her district director, Dan Bernal, offered her statement to the crowd.   

A Rosa Winkel for Homosexuells, back in the day. Click to expand:


Senator Carole Migden commented upon the swirling fog and occasional winds that conveyed an “Edgar Allan Poe feeling.”


San Francisco Supervisor Bevan Dufty avec l’enfant, once again.


San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom popped his cork prematurely to the delight of fiancee Jennifer Siebel. But not too much ceremonial bubbly was lost, as recorded here by Official Pride Photographer Bill Wilson.


See you next year.


Castro and 18th, San Francisco, California, June 2008

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

The Castro District of San Francisco, with all it’s rainbow flags, is looking très festive these days.  SF Pride (avec Parade) is coming soon.


Speaking of which, the Friends of the Pink Triangle are looking for help again this year with a little setup assistance for the biggest one ever this Saturday, June, 28th. (Will Senator Carole Migden be there with her twirling baton, as per usual?) 

The forecast is for sunny skies….