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American Splendor – That Broke-Down Cruise Ship is Now Getting Patched Up in SF – What Should Her New Name Be?

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

I don’t know, don’t you ever wish you could have a new name? Like Penelope or Scout or ANYTHING, ANYTHING BUT CARNIVAL SPLENDOR?

I mean if the Condoleezza Rice can change her name, then anything’s possible, right?

Anyway, here she is, preparing to be sitting on the dry dock of the Bay at Pier 80.

Via Daver6:

And hey, just what she needs – a new engine all the way from Trieste Italy. Thanks Wärtsilä!

Oh, better check the packing list to make sure it’s all there.

Bon Courage, Pier 80 workers!

Bon Voyage, Carnival _______!

Both AC Transit Bus Fighters Speak Out – Planned Boxing Rematch Cancelled

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Here’s some fresh video from YouTubes’s doghousefm. It seems that the famous incident started when Epic Beard Guy Thomas Alexander Bruso boarded an AC Transit bus so he could go “to Frisco to get some weed.” His original plan for his mother’s funeral:

“I’m going to wear a powder blue fucking suit, and a white shirt and a red tie and a fucking breast cancer pin…”

Comes now the fight loser “Michael” (who appears to be on a first-name-only basis with DJ “JV“):

“First of all, I’d like to aPOlogize to AC Transit…”

It goes on and on, Black History Month, 5150, bygones, veterans, arthritis, murder, parole, apologies, brothers, stolen money, leaking, ass kicking, Strike Force(?) Showtime TV, 10,000 kids, cocaine – it goes on and on.

Can’t remember which morning-zoo / dawg-pound joint this screengrab came from. Oh yes, it was from WILD 94.9 FM:

And here’s more information about the now-cancelled plans for a rematch.

We’re approaching endgame on this one…

A Message from Thomas Bruso: “Don’t Fuck With Old Senior Citizens, They’ll Surprise You”

Friday, February 19th, 2010

Well, somebody tracked down Epic Beard Guy Thomas Bruso after he got released from John George Psychiatric Pavilion.

Here he is, straight outta Caffe Trieste in North Beach, Tom Bruso:

Wow, he runs the gamut.

He mixes fact with fiction – how can you sort it all out?

Here’s the reaction on KRON 4.