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I Don’t See Two Eagles Atop the Historic Savings Union Bank of Union Square, I See a Triggerfish and Just One Eagle

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Just saying, bro.

The smaller the photo, the more fishy the leftward eagle appears. To me, anyway…

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(Think it’s the Armani Exchange now, or something…)

The Origami Toyotas of the Western Addition – 1982 Celica Uses Camouflaged Eyes to Escape Larger Predators

Monday, December 6th, 2010

This 1982-or-later Toyota Celica has, not wholly unlike the foureye butterflyfish, camouflaged eyes to fool larger vehicles into attacking from the rear.

That’s the way this relatively small car has survived the mean streets of San Francisco for almost three decades:

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Toyota returned to a fish theme for the 2nd-generation Toyota Prius:

Look forward to the next fish car from Japan.

Confirmed: Prius Drivers are the Worst Drivers in San Francisco

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

No, not you. You’re a peach, you average-or-better Toyota Prius driver in San Francisco. The problem is all the thousands of other drivers of Priuseses in town. You know, the left 40% of the bell curve.

What’s the deal with you all? You drive as if you’re the only people on Earth. So, if there are a lot of streetlamps on at night, don’t bother turning on your headlights cause how does it benefit you, right? And if you want to cross town, just drive through the Sunset Tunnel – no hills and no red lights! And if you want to park, just do it the way you feel, you dig? You’re entitled.

As here, where a hastily parked Prius turns busy Stockton Street into a slolom course. I mean, its rear is more in the traffic lane than not. But for a bad San Francisco Prius driver, that’s a parking job well done, now let’s find that Starbucks:

IMG_9666 copy

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Now don’t be talking about confirmation bias. Oh no. Just check it out for yourself, on the streets.

So, Volvo drivers are the ones who don’t know that you’re thereand Prius drivers are the ones who know that you’re there, but they just don’t care.

(And someday somebody will explain to me how the EPA mileage estimates are lower for the 2010 model than they were for the 2004 model, even though the roomier 2010 model is better in many ways and, in real life, gets better fuel economy. Did somebody mislead us about fuel economy, back in the day?)

All right Prius driver, enjoy your rolling triggerfish, but try remember that you’re not the only person in the world.

trigger-fish1 copy

Glub glub.