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The Trouble with “The Trouble with Romance” Movie Premiere

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Fox News is certainly worked up these days, huh? But is The Trouble with Love the same film as what San Francisco movie-goers saw a couple years back?  Will the real The Trouble With Romance please stand up?

The Trouble with Romance (2007)

The Trouble with Romance (2008)

The Trouble with Romance (2009)

Maybe it’s a kind of remixed version, something like:

Don’t Stand So Close to Me (1980)

Don’t Stand So Close To Me (1986)

But what about the reviews?

The film features San Francisco First Lady Jennifer Siebel

Here are some “reviews”:

Two thumbs up

Ten-star rating (That’s a lot of stars, huh? **********)

Now let’s hear from reviewers who weren’t actually involved in the production of the movie:

Roaring void of talent (via the Village Voice)

Vapid and aimless

Ouch. This movie’s release is tomorrow, apparently on just one screen in New York City. Check it out, New Yawkers, and see if it’s any different than the 2007 version.

“This heartfelt and hilarious film about sex and relationships presents a quartet of vignettes about young adults exploring the challenges and heartaches that come with falling and staying in love. Each story follows the inhabitants of different rooms in one hotel on the same night. Infusing the film with visual flair, director Gene Rhee has a lot to say about romance, breaking up, moving on and trying to recognize when you’ve found the One. An audience favorite at festivals, the film stars cast members from “Sex & the City”, “Entourage”, “Better Luck Tomorrow”, “Two and a Half Men” and many other hit films and TV shows. (Running time: 1:28)

More Info: Movie Web Site

See you there!