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Those New Solar and Wind-Powered LED Streetlights Don’t Install Themselves, Right?

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

This was the scene today in front of the State Building in Civic Center. So pretty soon, those orange-tinted night shots you’ve been taking on the streets of San Francisco will be history.

Why? ‘Cause Uncle Sucker is paying the City and County of San Francisco money to put in cooler LED lighting. That means that your night-time cell phone shots will look much better.

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Non-Genius Considers Fellow Non-Genius a Genius – Plus, C.W. Nevius Would Like a Glass of Water

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Is dull-witted non-genius Chuck Nevius qualified to determine who on this Great Blue Marble is a genius?

Nooooope! Decidedly nope. (Hey, is promoting a one-megawatt turbine on the bottom of the briny briny bay for a zillion dollars of Other Peoples’ Money, is that a stroke of genius too? Noooope! Actually, it’s the opposite. Now, you could do it if you really, really wanted to, to prove a point, with OPM, but what would be the point to that? Hey, did a woman actually lose her job because she didn’t get some poms poms and go over to Raccoon Straight to start cheering for the one-megawatt turbine? Yuuuuup. Isn’t that sad?)

But, you say, The Nevius, he makin’ $100 an hour working part-time with full benefits – he must be a genius! Now, I’ll grant you that he’s fortunate, damn fortunate, but my point stands.

Bonus round: “Nevius Survives Pie* Attack.”

Can you you see him talking to a waiter at a restaurant, he’d be all like, “Nevius would like a glass of water.” Or, “After dessert, Nevius is going to take you home and then Nevius is going to rock your world.”

Final Jeopardy: “Porsche-Driving Porsche Owner Drives a Porsche.” Has the Nevius seen fit to ensure that Our Paper of Record has made mention of some real estate lady’s gussied up Volkswagen Touareg crossover six times the past two months? Is this a kind of MSM blow-job, where tout le monde can bear witness to somebody’s six-percenting skillz? Apparently.

In closing, Nevius!

*Does The Nevius just loooove that he got pie’d (sort of) by a petite woman the other day? Hells yes.

A Close-Up View of Our New Civic Center Sustainability District, with Windmills, Solar Panels and LEDs

Friday, December 24th, 2010

Our Civic Center Sustainability District up close.

See? Windmills, solar panels and LED streetlights:


NIYFY! Twin Peaks NIMBYs Say Hell No to Miraloma Park Man’s Dream of a Front Yard Wind Turbine

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Dude wants to put a Skystream 3.7 windmill turbine in his front yard on windblown Teresita Boulevard*, but area NIMBYs are having none of that. They’re saying Not In Your Front Yard. The whole concept “irks” them, you dig? It’s stiring up debate is what it’s doing.

Comes now the San Francisco Coalition of NIMBYhoods to rain on one Nathan Miller’s parade. They’re basically calling him stupid here:

Whereas existing turbine windmills were not designed for residential City use, and exceed in height and width the appropriate scale for a San Francisco residential neighborhood and delivering only a fraction of the promised power because sufficient vertical and horizontal clearance is impossible in nearly all residential neighborhoods in San Francisco;”

Why would anyone want to live in an area with such emotional no-nothings in charge of things?

Anywho, here’s what backyard windmills look like these days:

Oh well. A complete list of the windmill-haters making up one of the hundreds of coalitions about town, after the jump.

The fact is, this friction
Will only be worn by persistence
Leave out conditions
Courageous convictions
Will drag the dream into existence

*Fell is just a “street” with four lanes in one direction, but single-lane Teresita, which winds it’s way through the bucolic suburbs of the 415, is a “boulevard.” Go figure.


San Franciscans “Trauma”-tized – Low and Slow Choppers Film NBC Pilot

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

Saigon. I can’t believe I’m still in Saigon. That’s what San Franciscans thought to themselves today during the filming of NBC pilot and possible E.R. replacement Trauma. Why? Because it was just like the movie Apocalypse Now today what with all the thumping helicopters flying over Union Square and SoMA.

What’s this massive twirly-popper with room for 15? It’s a UH-1N Iroquois Twin Huey, just like in ‘Nam. Seen above Market Street today. Click to expand:

What’s this -“Angel Rescue”? Right, like San Francsico NIMBYs would ever allow a helipad for our quasi-Level One trauma center, or allow aptly-named, life-saving Life Flights within the City limits. Get real, Hollywood. Sure, some people are condemned to die, but Potrero Hill property values uber alles, right?

Good-bye Bell 212 #N911VR. Have a nice trip back to Fresno.

Helipad now!

Hell, helipad yesterday!