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Drivers at Fell and Masonic Need to be More Aggressive Heading North and Less Heading South

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Allow me to explain, Gentle Reader.

This driver’s heading south on Masonic. See what s/he did? S/he “blocked the box” because of carelessness. You gotta look ahead to see if the intersection will clear by the time your light turns red. It’s Da Law. This is what I mean when I say too aggressive.

On the other hand, drivers heading north on Masonic sometimes want to turn left onto Fell. Sometimes these people don’t commit to making the turn by entering the intersection. Instead, they hang back by the crosswalk about 40 feet from where they should be, srlsy. Ppl, you gotta commit to the turn, you gotta be more aggressive.



Boy, This Minivan Driver Sure Didn’t Want to Make the Mandatory Right Turn at 10th and Market – Look What He Did

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

From the right-only lane on Market inbound at 10th Street, over the bike lane, and into the transit-only lane.


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From here, the minivan driver went straight down Market, forward, ever forward…

When, Oh When, Will Drivers on Market Inbound Get Used to the Mandatory Right Turn at 6th Street? Mmm, Never!

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Things to do today:

1. Groom obligatory mustache. 

2. Drive SFPD-issue Harley Davidson to Market Street and park near that strip club. 

3. Stand in street directing traffic to pull over for a tongue-lashing and/or hefty citation. 

4. Repeat.


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San Francisco Driver Knows He Should Turn Off of Market Street Inbound at 10th, But Doesn’t Feel Like It

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

I guess what people do is to look out for the cops first and then illegally switch lanes to continue down Market Street.

Note red neighborhood parking permit – this guy knows the score:

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Tourists and the bridge-and-tunnel crowd are different – they just can’t get their heads around the idea of not being able to go straight down Market, as motorists have done for more than a century.

Anyway, they’re the ones who tend to get caught.

While the sneaky locals manage to do what they want.

Honda vs. Honda: Driver Flips Her Civic Next to a Shadow Motorcycle on Oak Near Divisadero – November 27th, 2011

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

[UPDATE: Andrea Koskey has more deets on this collision, as does RedditSF - it has a shot from just afterwards. ]

The driver of this car was taking Oak to get back to the Peninsula this afternoon but she ended up flipping her Honda Civic just before Divisadero.


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So as traffic backed up for miles along Oak, the SFPD began its investigation:

The Honda Shadow:

San Francisco’s “Comeback Neighborhood of the Year” is the host of this scene, betwixt abandoned sidewalk sofas and the LaunderLand:

Now I’ll tell you, we were supposed to get a freeway to link up the terminuseses of 101 and 280 with the Golden Gate Bridge, but what we got instead was Fell and Oak with three or four one-way lanes each way timed for 35 MPH. But these days, for various reasons, the Fell/Oak twins don’t play the substitute freeway role as well.

Recently, this intersection at Divis. has become a bottleneck owing to the inefficient* left arrow phase for southbound traffic on Divisadero to allow drivers to get on eastbound Oak. I’m not sure, but this configuration might have confused or upset the Civic driver, who was driving “all squirrelly” near Broderick shortly before this accident.


*Hey, how about a big fat “NO LEFT TURN” sign for southbound drivers on Divisadero? This intersection wasn’t made “for the neighbors,” so there’s no reason for the people who live in this area to have more of a say than those poor, wretched souls who live way out there in the West Bay, you know, the Sunset and the Richmond. This new left turn phase, like the one at Octavia for inbound Market Street drivers, appears to be a sop for DivCo / NoPA / EaPA locals… 

OMG, the SFPD is Super-Sizing the Crackdown on Inbound Market: Right Turn Only = Right Turn Only

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

This is the scene these days on inbound Market just after 6th Street in the corrupt Twitterloin.

The cops see you driving down Market, contrary to the relatively recent right turn only policy, and then you get directed to pull over so you can get cited with extreme prejudice.

Motorcycle dude was just hanging out in the middle of Market, just waiting for another offender:

Click to expand (1500 days of outdoor use have rendered my Canon 5D incapable of functioning except in the extremely hands-off “green square” mode. Pray for Mojo.)

The Five Lanes of 101 North at Mission and South Van Ness: Immortal Sign Immortalized With Stencil

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Do you recognize this iconic icon? Well you should:

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Here it is again, IRL, on Mission as you approach South Van Ness. So many choices!

And now, you can find it in stencil form – look, it’s physical graffiti:

Via Eric Fischer, who’s Everywhere You Want To Be.

Five points for Fischer House for, once again, uncovering a marvelous marvel.


The Two Kinds of SFPD Cops: Those Who Enforce the “Right Turn Only on Inbound Market” Rules and Those Who Don’t

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Leave us begin. The driver of this white cute-ute had an idée fixe: “I gots to get to the Old Navy or the Ferry Building or whathaveyou.”*

Maybe the driver knew that the popo was just two cars behind or maybe not. Regardless, s/he went straight through towards Fifth Street, which is a big no-no in these days of Car-Free Market Street. See?

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Look what happened. The driver of the bewinged** Civic follows right along.

Oh, sweet justice, from the popo, coming right up!

Or, maybe not. You see, the cops in those Ford Crown Victorias are focused on fighting “real crime,” not edumacating out-of-towners on new-school mandatory turns on inbound Market Street:

DO NOT try this in front of a Harley-Davidson-riding member of the SFPD, is all I can say.

But those cops crusing around in police cars, they’ve got better things to do than learn you da law, it would seem.

Oh well…

*You can try to explain it to people, but they’ll say something like, “Well, how am I supposed to get to the Nordstom?” And then you tell them ways of legally doing what they want to do, and the drivers, well, they don’t like it. They don’t like it one little bit!

**First of all, I’m not sure what that rear wing is for, IRL. Second of all, smaller Civics are front-wheel-drive, so even if your wing mattered in some theoretical road race, you know, to keep your driving wheels pushing downward, ever downward, it wouldn’t matter. Yes the dealership will sell it to you that way, but car dealers are the cheesiest b’tards in the universe, right? Oh well.

The Potemkin Village Police Cars of Market Street, USA – Empty Cruisers Effectively Enforce Right Turns on 6th Street

Friday, March 11th, 2011

What do those drivers do, you know those people who dare to drive down Market Street towards the Ferry Building in a car or horse buggy the way it’s been done since the 19th century, just before they illegally cross over Sixth inbound?

They make a quick scan for the popo. And what do they see? They see an empty SFPD prowler and scarededly they make the right turn onto 6th southbound and into the Uptown Tenderloin Annex.

(Actually, it’s the mounted patrols that do most of the actual enforcement, but those motorcycles are harder to spot…)

And at least one cop regularly goes the extra mile to point his/her car the wrong way – it’s even more menacing that way:

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This appears to be a cheap and effective way to enforce da law…

The Illegal Left-Hand Turns of Our Market Street Jitney Buses

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Hold on MUNI buses! Wait your turn while this quasi-legal jitney bus waits for the yellow to turn south on Fourth Street from Market.

Can people in vans ignore our traffic rules?

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