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Hey California Professors: Act to Lower Textbook Prices – It’s the Law!

Friday, August 15th, 2008

The California State Auditor has a new report about the prices of college textbooks. Unless you are a publisher, this report won’t come as good news. Check it:

“Over the past several years, the State has enacted two state laws to encourage faculty and campuses to mitigate the impact of textbook costs on students.

Assembly Bill 2477 (AB 2477) signed by the governor and effective January 1, 2005, requires CSU trustees and the board of governors of the community colleges, and encourages UC regents, to work with their respective academic senates to encourage faculty to consider the least costly practices in assigning textbooks.”

“Signed by the governor and effective January 1, 2008, Assembly Bill 1548 (AB 1548) also encourages faculty to consider cost in the adoption of textbooks.”

So, read up on Education Code Section 66406 and kissing cousin Education Code Section 66406.7 (the College Textbook Transparency Act). See all that stuff these laws require? Most parties concerned are ignoring these laws.

So hey, why not ask all your new professors at your UC, CSU or community college to see how they complied with these California textbook laws.

Shouldn’t your profs comply with CA law? Shouldn’t your profs be aware of CA law? Mmmmm….


Affordability of

College Textbooks:

Textbook Prices Have Risen Significantly in the

Last Four Years, but Some Strategies May Help to

Control These Costs for Students

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