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Manager of Empty, Graffiti-Strewn Financial District Building Strikes Back Against Street Youth Culture

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Here’s the Before

…and here’s the After:

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You’d think the managers would have a better strategy against graffiti, but you’d be wrong…

Here’s What San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee’s San Francisco Looks Like: Empty, Graffiti-Covered Buildings in the FiDi

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Like this, at California and Battery in the Heart of the Financial District.

Physical Graffiti, the worst kind: 

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Is this your “Innovation Capitol of the World?”

Oh that’s right, you’re all about jobs jobs jobs. And you regularly issue press releases taking credit whenever our unemployment rate goes down.

But what about the time, just recently, when our unemployment rate went up, by half a percentage point?

Oh, so you don’t issue a press release taking credit for that, huh?

How is it possible for San Francisco’s unemployment rate to go up under your watch? How do you explain that?

Oh, that’s right, you don’t.

Maybe it’s possible that you have no effect upon the unemployment rate?

Maybe it’s possible that talking about jobs jobs jobs solely benefits you and your political faction?

Food for thought.

PS: You’re a national laughingstock, in case you don’t know. Why not do something to show that you’re, somehow, slightly independent of Willie Brown and/or PG&E? Just something, anything. Or are you going to be just a Nine-Year Do Boy? 

SFPD Arrests Hannah Yau and Maria Dionisio for Epic $2.6 Million Dollar Embezzlement Scams

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

This one, involving former employees of U.K and San Francisco-based Autonomy Corporation, speaks for itself.

Let’s hear from the SFPD:

“The San Francisco Police Department in conjunction with the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office announced today the arrest and charging of Maria Lourdes B. Dionisio and Hannah Yau for their alleged involvement in a $2.6 million dollar embezzlement scam.”

And now let’s hear from the office of District Attorney Kamala D. Harris, below.

Popo shut us down. Wow:
SAN FRANCISCO – District Attorney Kamala D. Harris announced today the arrest and charging of Maria Lourdes B. Dionisio and Hannah Yau for their alleged involvement in a $2.6 million dollar embezzlement scam.

“The conduct alleged in this case is a classic example of the fox guarding the hen house,” said District Attorney Kamala D. Harris. “To pull off a fraud of this magnitude over a number of years is about more than just being a rogue employee. There is a level of planning and sophistication involved here that makes this crime especially egregious.”

Maria Lourdes B. Dionisio, age 46, of Pacifica, is charged with violating Penal Code sections 487(a), grand theft, 508, embezzlement, and 502(c)(1)(A) and 502(c)(1)(B), computer use crimes, all felonies. Hannah Yau, age 56, of Fremont, is charged with violating Penal Code sections 487(a), grand theft, and 508, embezzlement.

According to court documents, defendant Dionisio, a payroll clerk, and defendant Yau, a financial analyst, were formerly employed by Autonomy, Inc., a San Francisco software programming firm based in England. The two defendants allegedly caused or permitted many checks to be wrongfully issued to themselves over a four year period, resulting in a loss of approximately $2,600,000.

The alleged conduct came to the attention of corporate officers when defendant Dionisio was fired in May 2010, for reasons unrelated to theft.   When she filed for unemployment insurance, defendant Dionisio listed an annual salary of $449,740,far in excess of her base salary of $63,000. An investigation revealed that bonus checks far in excess of those authorized had been paid to defendant Dionisio, who caused the checks to be drafted, and to defendant Yau, who also received checks herself, but did not alert her employer of the theft.

“This case involves an employee who allegedly embezzled from her company and then brazenly claimed her ill-gotten gains as legal compensation in order to inflate her unemployment benefits,” said District Attorney Harris. “The company impacted by the alleged conduct did the right thing in coming forward to report this case to authorities.”

The defendants were arrested on July 28, 2010 in San Francisco. Bail was set in the arrest warrant at $1,000,000 for each defendant.   The defendants are scheduled to be arraigned in San Francisco Superior Court on Thursday, July 29, 2010 at 9:00 am.”