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“Transit First” Goes Out the Window Every Sunday in San Francisco – Church Parking

Monday, May 25th, 2009

It’s official policy to not ticket double-parked vehicles during Sunday services in some areas of San Francisco. (That’s not to say it’s written down anywhere or anything, it’s just official policy, that’s all.) 

So, when prayer fails, just park wherever the Hell you want, the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause be Damned.

But look out, “fat, ugly, lazy specimens of humanity,” somebody’s gunning for you on the Yelp. 

Oh well.

How Not to Double Park in San Francisco

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

The driver of this white car recently double-parked on the streets of San Francisco. But that’s nothing new, right?

San Francisco turns a blind eye to double parking around churches – it’s an “unwritten rule” that you are safe from ticketing in certain areas at certain times. Like Sunday mornings in the Western Addition, say.


The problem is that leaving a car there for an hour or two created a dangerous situation for pedestrians. Bad form. The driver of the red car wasn’t parking – he mistakenly thought the white car was just waiting at the stop sign for a few seconds. So after a while, he backed up and then went around. It’s easier to deal with double parked cars when they sit in the middle of the block.

As an alternative, why not double park at least a car’s length or two away from the crosswalk? That would make things better and safer for everybody. Just saying.