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TL Update: Is Leavenworth and Golden Gate a “Drug-Free School Zone” or a School-Free Drug Zone?

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

The sign that you can see in front of the Big Boy Market (aka Niño Grande with the “e” in a different font, showing that it was forgotten about, initially) indicates the former, but my eyes, after witnessing zero schools and mad drug dealers shouting, “Five-oh, five-oh,” well my eyes say the latter.

But why don’t you drop by to say hi and then judge for yourself. After all, this part of the unreconstructed Uptown Tenderloin Crime District is rated a perfect 100 by Walk Score. It’s a Walker’s Paradise, they say. (But IRL, it’s not – you should totally stay out this part of the TL, IMO.)

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‘Til next time, Niño Grande.

Pike Formation: A Gaggle of Germans Gather in the Twitterloin in Preparation for Entering the Tenderloin Proper

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

These tightly-packed German tourists appeared to be set to enter the gritty Tenderloin from the apparent safety of Mid-Market yesterday evening.

The only words from the tour leader I understood were “Turk Street” and, at the end, “It’s go time.”

Looking up Jones Street straight into the teeth of the ‘Loin. Mmmm, gritty:

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Don’t know if this has anything to do with last year’s nearby killing of Mechthild Schröer or if it’s favella tourism or what.

Never encountered anything like this before…

When You Visit San Francisco, Don’t Forget to Bring Your Dune Buggy – Tow It All Over Town, Why Not?

Monday, April 25th, 2011


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Some art students should park a rig like this overnight on Turk in the “Uptown” Tenderloin (“Near Union Square!”) with a video camera fixed on it. You know, just to see what would happen to the buggy. Good times…

Trying to Piece Together the Story About Last Month’s “Litigating Palestine” Conference at UC Hastings Law School

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

The corrupt Twitterloin‘s historic and highly-ranked UC Hastings School of Law had a 1.5 day conference in March 2011 called Litigating Palestine: Can Courts Secure Palestinian Rights? It caused a lot of controversy, not exactly sure why.

Anyway, Bob Egelko is taking a stab at this topic today.

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There are two docs after the jump – one’s from Hastings and one’s from the ADL.

So have at it if you are interested in this topic



What’s the Most Annoying Tenderloin Adjective? Hey, How About “Uptown?” Anyway, Cast Your Vote at The Tender

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Cast your vote right now over at The Tender for the most annoying Tenderloin adjective you’ve heard, you know, like gritty or crime-ridden, whatever irritates you the most.

Vote or Die!

You’re proud of buildings, Randy? O.K fine…

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And remember the Mission District sucks way harder than the TL, or something:

“Guess which hipster neighborhood had a murder rate over four times that of the Uptown Tenderloin? The Mission.”

Keep chasing those rainbows, Randy.


Cheetah, Na’vi, Tiger, Cheetah: The O’Farrell Theatre is “Where the Wild Girls Are” in Our Crime-Ridden Tenderloin

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

This joint used to be called Mitchell Brothers O’Farrell Theatre, and then, sadly, Mitchell Brother O’Farrell Theatre.

But now, it’s plain old O’Farrell Theatre, I guess, in the same old part of the crime-ridden Uptown Tenderloin.

Now check it – the marquis has changed a bit over the years as well:

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I’ve never been, but Stephy S. from L.A., well, she has. Enjoy:

“I hate you O’Farrell Theatre. I hate you because all I ever wanted to do was love you and you wouldn’t let me…”

The rest of her story

Anyway, let’s agree to modify the list slightly:

Cheetah, Na’vi, Tiger, Blue Cheetah

There we go. That’s the ticket.

Lawgiver Randy Shaw, King of the Tenderloin, Grants His Vassals First Amendment Rights

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011 (do taxpayers really pay five figures a year to fund this thing?) Editor and King of the Tenderloin Randy Shaw has a statement:

Artists have the freedom to create politically incorrect works that may generate public outrage.”

Whew! Thank Gaia for King Randy’s munificence!

Hey, Randy’s the greatest! That’s why the San Francisco Bay Guardian has awarded his joint “Best Local Website” three years running, or something:

All Hail King Randy.

But how he can stand living in a six-bedroom with just four bathrooms? Shouldn’t he have six bathrooms, you know, to match? Of course. Hey, maybe Randy’s good buddy The Nevius could start a campaign in the media or something – it would go like this:

“When handsome young Randy Shaw decided he couldn’t get by with just four bathrooms anymore, he decided to add-on to his East Bay mansion. But his dream has turned into a nightmare….”

Something like that.

But King Randy, don’t be going after poor Bill Sugaya for being ignorant.

We recently saw Planning Commissioner Bill Sugaya apologize for stating it would be good for a store to “sell drugs” in the neighborhood, a statement clearly made not in malice but in ignorance.”

Actually, Bill seems pretty up on things. Check it:

When (Commissioner Gwyneth) Borden wondered if Tip Top couldn’t sell something other than beer or wine, Sugaya cracked, “I guess he could sell drugs or something.”

Wow, context! Thanks, the Nevius! You see, Sugaya thought it noteworthy that he was dealing with a bunch of NIMBYs who don’t seem to be aware of their own neighborhood. So Sugaya made a crack in malice but not in ignorance.

But otherwise, you’re perfect King Randy. Tell us again about what happened on Turk Street back when my Grandmother was just a little girl. Tell us again about how the crime rate in the Mission is four times higher than in the Tenderloin. Tell us again about which blocks of which streets make up your territory. (Please be exact, because place names never, ever, ever change or evolve, oh no!)

Hey King Randy, why not write about how great the Tenderloin is every freaking day?


Clear Video of a Recent Strong-Arm Robbery on Stevenson Alley Near 6th Street in the Mid-Market Area

Monday, February 7th, 2011

There are just 25 views so far of this 25-second clip showing a woman losing her wallet on Stevenson near the Uptown Tenderloin.

Via Bluoz

One-Way Streets Eddy and Ellis to Swing Both Ways Soon in the Crime-Ridden Uptown Tenderloin?

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

[Eric Fischer, yes the Famous Eric Fischer, helpfully points out that changing Ellis to two ways isn’t on the agenda this go-around. We’ll see…]

Appears as if one-way street twins Ellis and Eddy (or maybe just Ellis?) will soon become two ways in the (crime-ridden) Tenderloin, or so surmises the The Tender (Blog).

Check out the Tender’s shot of the action below, and note the “illegal” James Keys for Supervisor placard in the lower right.

“You maniacs! You twoed it up! God damn you. God damn you all to hell!”

Nobody told me about this, anyway.

“Two-way Ellis and Eddy streets

Ellis and Eddy streets are a one-way pair that serve as important east-west transit, pedestrian, and bicycle routes through the dense, crime-ridden Tenderloin-Little Saigon neighborhood, and serve as a gateway to the crime-ridden Tenderloin from the Powell Street BART-Muni Station. The crime-ridden Tenderloin-Little Saigon Neighborhood Transportation Plan, adopted last year by the San Francisco County Transportation Authority, recommended restoring two-way traffic on these streets, as well as making the streets more walkable, simplifying the twisting and confusing Muni routes, and adding bicycle lanes.

A resolution authored by Supervisor Chris Daly was approved by the board of Supervisors in Fall 2007. It calls for restoring two-way traffic on Ellis and Eddy and improving the important pedestrian crossing at Ellis and Cyril Magnin streets next to Powell Street Station. The resolution also tasks the MTA with creating a comprehensive plan for further improvements, including corner bulb-outs, landscaping and lighting, and better transit access. Livable City is working with City agencies and crime-ridden Tenderloin advocates to get the traffic changes enacted, and the next phases planned and funded.

The Future?

Did the SFPD Recently Decide to Have Officers Just Stand Around in the Mid Market Area?

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Could be.

I mean this will certainly tamp down street crime in the crime-ridden Uptown Tenderloin, at least just for the immediate area.

Maybe they were standing around for a particular reason or maybe this reflects a recent change in deployment. We’ll see.

As seen at Sixth and Market:

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