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OMG, This Saturday is “Passport Day in the USA 2011” – Get a Passport at the Post Office Without a Reservation!

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

[UPDATE: Well, you know, that State Department, you know, maybe they’re a bunch of pansies or something,* fretting over Our Impending Government Shutdown, so maybe PDUSA11 has been officially cancelled or whatnot, but my peeps at the local P.O. are saying, “C’mon down, y’all,” no matter, so there you go.]

Not actually sure what makes Passport Day in the USA** 2011 Passport Day, but all’s I know is that this event turns out the peeps annually at post offices and other similar quasi-federal venues all over California. So this thing on April 9th must be better than the typical process that you’d be subjected to the other 364 days of the year…

I think if you’re properly prepared you can take care of bidness all at once and then wait for your shiny new passport / book / card to arrive in the mail.

Anyway, they have lots of locations in the 415 this year. Deets after the jump.

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*“Passport Day in the USA” Cancelled – Because of a possible government shutdown, the Department of State must cancel “Passport Day in the USA,” which had been scheduled for Saturday, April 9, 2011.  During this annual event, passport agencies and participating passport acceptance facilities nationwide open their doors for U.S. citizens to receive passport services without an appointment.  We regret that we cannot offer this service as planned.”

**First time I’ve heard this one, fundamentally. Mmmm, so you’re too good for lip-syncing but, OTOH, you’re fine with aggressive AutoTuning – it’s A-OK in the USA with you, huh? OK fine…