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FTDK: A Forked-Tailed Doctor Killer Above Frisco, 58 Years After The Day The Music Died

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

That was the old name for this Beech Bonanza 35 seen flying over the 94117.

That was in reference to the type of flier it attracted, due to its appearance, its “ramp appeal.”

7J7C2662 copy

They don’t make them anymore, but newer versions of the FTDK include the Icon A5 and the Cirrus SR22.

Some feel


Walmart has a Deal for You: A Mountain Bike with Disk Brakes for Just $77

Monday, October 17th, 2016

Did I say disc brakes? I meant to say disc brake, as there’s only one on this ride – a setup I’ve never seen before:


I’m sure this ride is a little heavy, but you can’t beat $77.

I’ll have to tell you about these kinds of bikes, sometime…

Frisco’s Skyline is Filling in Nicely, I Suppose – V for Victory

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016


Forked-Tail Doctor-Killer High Above the 415 – What JFK Jr. Would Have Been Flying a Generation or Two Ago

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Those V-tailed Beechcraft Bonanzas certainly look cool, I’ll give you that.

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“The V-tail design gained a reputation as the “forked-tail doctor killer”, due to crashes by overconfident amateur pilots with high-level skills outside aviation.”

Oh well.

Harsh: SFBay Craigslist Gigs Ad Says, “Apple Employees Needed to Search Home (Bernal Heights)”

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

Via a source I fear to mention, well, now this just isn’t right:

SF bay area craigslist > san francisco > gigs > event gigs
Apple emps needed to search home (bernal heights)

Date: 2011-09-04, 7:23PM PDT
Reply to: 

Apple emps needed to search home and car looking for electronic devices. Devices may have faulty antenna please bring own GPS.
Previous law enforcement exp a plus.

Compensation: 300
PostingID: 2582393831″

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As Seen on Market Street: A Moto Guzzi and a Gaultier Pants (All Right)

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Man oh man I’d feel super self-conscious driving this rig around town wearing all these leather accessories, I’ll tell you. Appears as if at least six individual cows had to die for this ensemble. Wow.

And the bike, well, it’s an older model that’s been restored. At first I was thinking it was like a 2011 version of an Italian Harley, but now I’m thinking it’s not retro at all, it’s just an old bike in perfect shape.

Anyway, I always wondered what “a Moto Guzzi and a Gaultier pants” looked like, and now I know.

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The Tupamaros got a platinum card (all right)
I got a heart of gold and it’s time to get hard (and I like it)
A Moto Guzzi I gotta way to get rich (all right)
I gotta library and a seven day itch (and I like It)

I got money oh I got around but my life was going nowhere
I was looking for love and I want your love baby love
When you gonna get me Boom! there she was
I was looking for love and I want your love baby love
When you gonna get me Boom! there she was – for me

The Tupamaros an immutable truth (all right)
I got a razor blade an’ a beautiful youth (and I like it)
A Moto Guzzi an’ a Gaultier pants (all right)
I got a reason girl was Immanuel Kant’s (and I like it)

Pharmacopoeia I got a way with the word (all right)
I got an’ alphabet that you never have heard (and I like it)
(Looking for love now)(Are you looking for me)
(I’m looking for love now)(Wanted to get you girl

I got money oh I got around but my life was going nowhere
I was looking for love and I want your love baby love
When you gonna get me Boom! there she was
I was looking for love and I want your love baby love
When you gonna get me Boom! there she was – for me

The Sgt. Young SF8 Case is Now the SF1 Case

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

The San Francisco 8 case regarding the death of John Victor Young in 1971 is now 87.5% finished, so only the fate of final defendant Francisco Torres remains undecided. (These legal proceedings seem to get more attention outside of San Francisco County than inside, so the average resident is still probably ignorant of what the term “SF8” means.)

Will the famous Bernal Hill slogan need to be updated?

IMG_9652 copy

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It’s not easy getting a handle on things, based on what I’ve read. If the deputy AGs can establish a fingerprint match on a lighter, then what does that, by itself, prove about what Francisco Torres was actually doing on August 29, 1971?

To Be Continued…

Jerry Brown Demands Details on Huge $8 Billion Prison Plan

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Attorney General Jerry Brown thinks California should get a peek at how a court-appointed overseer plans to spend eight billion dollars to improve health care in the prison system.

If public money is being spent,” Brown said, “the public has the right to know how it’s going to be spent.”

That sounds fair enough. Get his side of the story here:

Attorney General Brown Urges Reversal of Decision Forcing California to Make $250 million “Down-Payment” for Massive Prison Plan.

Our feisty AG:

via “Thomas Hawk’s” Photostream

Or just read the whole brief that was filed today and then decide for yourself here. Well, that’s a bit much to read, but here’s the crux:

“The State of California has acknowledged the need to provide constitutionally adequate healthcare. The state, however, argues that the Receiver has not complied with the Prison Litigation Reform Act, which requires that any prison remediation plan that a court orders “is narrowly drawn, extends no further than necessary to correct the violation of the Federal right, and is the least intrusive means necessary to correct the violation of the Federal right.” (18 U.S.C. § 3626(a)(1)(A)).”

Is that so crazy, wanting to see what the plans are before turning over a quarter billion dollar “down payment?”

We’ll see.