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How to Separate Teenaged Girls From Their SmartPhones: Offer Them a Sneak Peak of “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” at the Mall

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

This was the scene last night at the Century San Francisco Centre 9 Theatres above Bloomingdales in the Great WestField Mall of SoMA. Sneak peekers of the latest horrible teen vampire/werewolf flick had to check their mobiles.

How could they stand for this, for even a couple hours?

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(Can you imagine what this box would be worth in the Mid-Market just a few blocks away on 7th Street, you know the World Capitol of Stolen Phones for Sale? A lot of cabbage, that’s for sure…)

Vampire Boy Orders One More Hamburger, Please, in the Uptown Tenderloin

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Our Tenderloin Geographic Society is on fire these days:

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Hambahgah, hitotsu [one] kudasai [please].

Does this anime augur well for government-backed Pearl’s Deluxe Burgers?

Only Time Will Tell.

(Make mine rare, extra rare.)