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Nevius Nightmare! – MORE Coyotes in Golden Gate Park – Meet One of the Adorable New Pups of 2013

Monday, June 17th, 2013

OMG, they’re breeding again. It’s just like Jurassic Park.

All the deets:

David Cruz is a San Francisco wildlife film maker and founder of Natures Lantern. He is currently working on a SF Bay Area Black Bear documentary and a local awareness media campaign for Bay Area Mountain Lion street crossing safety.

Cruz has followed this group of coyotes for 3 years. This is the second year he provides breaking unique news photographs that prove these coyotes have reproduced in San Francisco, Golden Gate Park. Historic photographs and  background of pups and park coyotes of past years also available.

Taken today Friday June 14,

Natures Lantern

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I’ll tell you, San Francisco Chronicle writer CW Nevius has been fretting about these critters for a while now. And yet it’s always dogs that be biting and killing people, not no coyotes.

Photo: The Harmless 2012 Coyote Pups of Golden Gate Park Defy Expectations of CW Nevius, Scoflaw Dog Owners

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

Are the wild coyotes of Golden Gate Park “dangerous?”

No, not at all.

Another great shot by David Cruz – he’s Everywhere You Want To Be: 

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So why do people say that coyotes are dangerous?

I don’t know.

Pit bull dogs and their negligent owners are dangerous tho, right?