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Veggie Tales: It’s Tough Keeping a Biodiesel Car Running, Even in Sunny San Francisco

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Here’s the thing about converting your gone-to-hell hipster Mercedes Benz diesel car from the 1970’s or 1980’s to biodiesel– it aint easy. Or rather, the easier the conversion, the harder it is for you the driver to deal with.

So you end up having to get people to help you push your car around, as here, just like Herb Caen and his various Jaguar cars. And if there’s no place to park, well then you block traffic on Battery for a while, as here.

That’s O.K. – this kind of ordeal makes you stronger.

IMG_0602 copy

It’s the same with MUNI’s operation of biodiesel buses – they’re finding a need to replace fuel filters on almost a weekly basis, per a report I saw from earlier this year.  

Nobody said being a pioneer would be easy.

Potential Church of Scientology Recruit on Market Street Advised: “Run Girl, Run!”

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

This was how it looked back in the day on Market Street near the Old Navy Flagship Store at the intersection of Fourth and Towne Market. The Church of Scientology had some of its members do some outreach, perhaps they still do that these days.

Anyway, you touch “the cans” and that shows how much stress you have, or something. (Actually, one thing the test tells you how much your grip changes when you hold the cans – do you think that’s a useful measure of anything?)

Click to expand:

GO8F5682 copy

So, one problem is that the whole idea is ridiculous and another is that the Scientologist him/herself might be pressured into buying one of the E-Meters the metal can things are connected to. That’s something on the order of $4000 – an awful lot for a P.O.S., really. Even the eBay price seems to have no relationship to the cost of the parts used to make it. So who’s the real victim in this photo? Hard to tell.

Presenting the “Mark Super VII Quantum E-meter

761px-Scientology_e_meter_blue copy 

Anyway, a passerby suggested to the person in the first photo to, “Drop the cans and run. Run Girl, Run!”

Does Mayor Newsom’s SUV Have an Engine Larger than Those in the Old CultureBuses?

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Yes. Mayor Gavin Newsom‘s official vehicle (or one of the official vehicles, anyway) has an engine with a larger displacement and more power than those in the Culturebuses that used to roam the City.

Here’s the famous SUV, recently seen parked in a bike lane near Golden Gate Park. Note the T.V. antenna (maybe it’s used for other things, but fundamentally, it’s a TV antenna) on top:

IMG_6234 copy

And here’s one of the huge CultureBuses, from a time before the whole program got cancelled:


Does the mayor of San Jose, a nearby town with (unlike S.F.) more than a million people, have a “Mobile Command Vehicle” too? Mmmm.

Oh well.