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Instead of NextMUNI, We Should Have a NextTHEFT to Chart iPOD Robberies on Our Buses

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

NextMUNI is fine and all (sometimes), but shouldn’t the next iPhone / iPod application be NextTHEFT? You know, so you could be notified when you’re approaching a bus stop at at a day and time with a high rate of Apple icon thievery? 

Maybe it could warn you by vibrating when the danger is especially high, the way Frodo’s Sting would glow slightly when Orcs were around.  Then you could hide your precious and your telltale white earbuds, or whip out your old-school WalkMan, Palm, or Zune HD (as nobody will risk hours and hours of booking at juvie for one of those devices.)

Speaking of which, get all the deets about today’s Supervisor Bevan Dufty-sponsored Violence on MUNI hearing (nice new logo, Mel) and learn the latest theft techniques here, from Mari at MUNI Diaries.

Anyway, the proposed application would look like this:


via Jamisonsomewhat. Click to expand.

That’s the front end, all somebody would need to do is load up theft/robbery data and this would be a fully operational app.


Senator Leland Yee Acts to Prevent Evictions of Domestic Violence Victims

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Senator Leland Yee has just proposed Senate Bill 782, which would prevent landlords from evicting domestic violence victims for causing a “nuisance.” Here’s what today’s press conference at City Hall looked like:

San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris, Senator Leland Yee, Emily Murase, Executive Director of the San Francisco Department on the Status of Women, San Francisco Supervisor Carmen Chu. Also on hand was Jessica Dayton of the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence:


Click to expand

Senator Yee’s bill is modeled after a new San Francisco ordinance promoted by Supervisor Chu and Kamala Harris last year and unanimously passed by the Board of Supervisors in February. The presence today of Kelenia Olsen from the office of Assemblymember Fiona Ma and Noriko Shinzato from the office of Assemblymember Tom Ammiano indicates this bill should get a lot of support from the bay area delegation in Sacramento.

But the question of the day is whether statewide homeowners groups will oppose this law due to what they might perceive as a diminuation of property rights. 

We’ll see…

Senator Yee Introduces Bill to Prevent Unfair Evictions of Domestic Violence Victims. San Francisco Ordinance Spurs Statewide Legislation to Protect Victims
Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco/San Mateo) today announced legislation to prevent landlords from unfairly evicting domestic violence victims.  Senate Bill 782 is modeled after a San Francisco ordinance authored by Supervisor Carmen Chu and sponsored by District Attorney Kamala Harris, which passed in February.
“It is unconscionable to force a domestic violence victim from their home,” said Yee.  “Evicting a survivor of domestic violence not only results in being re-victimized, but unfairly strains a family attempting to recover.  The possibility of eviction discourages women from coming forward to report incidents of domestic violence.  If a victim wants to stay in his or her home, they should be allowed that opportunity and should not face added pressures of moving or possible homelessness.”

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“Who Killed Brian Marquez” on the Streets of San Francisco?

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Or, in other words, ¿Quién mató a Brian Márquez?  That’s the question people are still asking in the Mission District, especially these days, when homicides in the area are up, up up. So much so, that hundreds of marchers, including Supervisor Tom Ammiano and Police Commissioner David Campos had to hold a vigil in an attempt to draw more attention to the situation.

The link to the website with information about Brian’s murder from 2005 is here.

A scene from 24th Street. Click to expand:

The Anonymous Tip Line for Violent Crime in San Francisco is (415) 575-4444. There are rewards.

Huge Anti-Violence Peace March in San Francisco’s Mission District

Monday, September 8th, 2008

Lots of people marched down 24th Street and held a candlelight vigil last night in San Francisco’s Mission District. The motivation for this quiet parade of over 300? All the recent violence in the area, and particularly the shootings over the past two weeks.

People started gathering at 24th and Treat at 6:30 PM last night in front of the Mission Educational Projects building.  Click to expand:

Supervisor Tom Ammiano and Police Commissioner David Campos were both on the scene.