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Alternatives to President Trump – Any would be an Improvement – Either the Actors or Their Characters, Whichever

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

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Newly Refurbished Rob Hill Campground in the Presidio is Too Cheap and Too Popular

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

What you’re looking at is the only legal campground in the 46 square miles of the City and County of San Francisco. It’s mostly for urban youth. Mostly.

The big kickoff over the weekend was attended by 500 souls. Deets below.

Check out their rules and see if you can get a reservation for your group of up to 30 or what have you – your whole group will be able to stay a night or two for like $125.

The ribbon-cutting (actually, the chain of pinecones cutting) was a big to-do, I understand:

Lots of the work was paid for by the Haas family:

Check it out:

Camping at the Presidio (CAP) Program

Rob Hill Campground is a hidden Presidio gem and is the only camping facility in San Francisco. The site is a fantastic venue for outdoor learning and fun. To provide children and youth who traditionally have not visited national parks with overnight camping experiences, the Crissy Field Center (operated by the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy and the National Park Service), the Presidio Trust, and Bay Area Wilderness Training have developed the Camping at the Presidio (CAP) program.

Designed for community organizations and schools, CAP provides a dynamic and affordable way to enrich the lives of young people. CAP trains group leaders with the skills and resources they need to plan and lead a youth camping trip. After program leaders complete an Outdoor Leadership Training program they can begin to prepare for their camping trip to the park. Eligible community and school groups can reserve the campground between March and October.

See you there!

CitiApartments Pwned by City Attorney Dennis Herrera – $50K in Penalties for Obfuscation, Delay

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Our three-term City Attorney Dennis J. Herrera has just released the news about how San Francisco recently won a little compensation to pay for all the extra work it’s doing to bring poorlyrated CitiApartments / Skyline Realty* to justice. Keep in mind that these penalties are not to punish (’cause that part will come later). No, no, this $50K is just to pay us back for the extra expenses we recently incurred due to relentless foot-dragging from the infamous Lembi Family et alia.

Poor Judge Munter had to spend half of the hearing deciding how to divvy up the penalties among all the interrelated defendants. Oh well.

Read all about it here, or below.

San Francisco’s Happy Warrior: His middle name is Jose, his son speaks Mandarin Chinese and he’s been working on gay legal issues for donkey’s years, at least since the 1990’s – do you think all that might help him if he decides to run for Mayor in 2011?


Herrera wins Court sanctions against CitiApartments for “obfuscation, delay.” Landlords’ defiance in the face of City Attorney’s ‘Herculean efforts’ triggers order to cooperate with discovery, pay $50K sanction

SAN FRANCISCO (Feb. 2, 2010) — City Attorney Dennis Herrera has won Court-ordered sanctions against a labyrinthine web of defendants involved in the operation of CitiApartments and Skyline Realty, the residential property management and investment behemoth Herrera first sued in 2006 for its stunning array of unlawful business practices.  The order, which was signed by San Francisco Superior Court Judge John E. Munter last month and obtained this morning, compels each of the two-dozen corporate, trust and individual defendants currently named in the suit to respond to discovery requests in compliance with rules of civil procedure, and to pay sanctions to the City totaling $50,129.50, which reflects San Francisco’s fees and costs to pursue its motion to compel.  Munter’s order requires all of the defendants to comply with the order by Feb. 19, 2010.

“CitiApartments deserved to be sanctioned for its continued defiance in this case, and I’m gratified to Judge Munter for calling these tactics exactly what they are — ‘obfuscation, delay and meritless objections,'” said Herrera.  “I hope this sanction sends a message to Frank Lembi, Walter Lembi and all of the defendants responsible for CitiApartments’ lawless conduct that there is a limit to judicial patience, and they’ve reached it.  This has been a long, difficult case to address what is perhaps the most egregious corruption of San Francisco’s residential housing market in modern history.  We remain committed to pursuing this case aggressively, and I hope these sanctions are a tipping point that hastens our progress toward a just outcome.”

All the gritty nitty, after the jump.

*Let me tell you something here, whenever you’re paying your monthly rent to “LSL Property Holdings II DE LLC” or something, don’t be surprised when you have trouble getting your deposit back. This case is a morass. Anywho, your defendants:

“Skyline Realty Inc., Citiapartments Inc., Citi Funding Group Inc., Citisuites LLC, Lembi Group Inc., Lembi Group Partners LLC, Urban Property Management, Inc., Citiwide Rentals, Inc., Frank Lembi, Walter Lembi, David Raynal, Taylor Lembi, Frank Lembi As Trustee Of The Frank E. Lembi Survivor’s Trust Dated February 17, 1984, As Restated On June 2, 1999, Frank Lembi, As Trustee Of The Olga Lembi Residual Trust Created Under The Provisions Of Part Three Of The Lembi Family Trust Dated February 17, 1984, Walter Lembi, As Trustee Of The Walter And Linda Lembi Family Trust Dated June 30, 2004, David Raynal, As Trustee Of The David M. Raynal Revocable Trust Dated May 9, 2002, 737 Pine DE LLC, 737 Pine B10 DE LLC, 737 Pine B10 Mezz DE LLC, 1155 LLC, Gaylord Hotel LLC, LSL Properties B14 DE LLC, LSL Property Holdings II DE LLC, LSL Property Holdings II Mezz LLC, Nob Hill Tower DE LLC, Nob Hill Tower Mezz DE LLC, Prime Apartment Properties LLC, Prime Apartment Properties B10 DE LLC, Prime Apartment Properties B10 Mezz DE LLC, Trophy Properties B10 DE LLC, Trophy Properties IV DE LLC, Trophy Properties IV B8A LLC, Trophy Properties IV Mezz DE LLC, Trophy Properties V LLC, Trophy Properties V DE LLC, Trophy Properties VI LLC, Trophy Properties IV B8A Manager LLC.”


Dennis Jose Herrera, the St. Peter of San Francisco, Closes Down Heaven

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

San Francisco City Attorney Dennis J. Herrera isn’t afraid to mix it up with the notorious North Beach nogoodniks at Heaven Mini Theatre. Read all about it, below, as well as on the official website, if you’d prefer.

Does it really cost $200 to have sex in a windowless room above Broadway? Apparently

San Francisco’s Happy Warrior:


The official press release:

Herrera Moves to Close Down ‘Heaven’

Lawless North Beach Strip Club and Prostitution Venue Has Repeatedly Defied Notices of Violation, Cease and Desist Orders

“City Attorney Dennis Herrera today moved to shutter a notorious North Beach strip club that has continued to operate in defiance of repeated City notices of violation, cease and desist orders, and police citations for prostitution dating back more than a year. In his 20-page pleading filed in San Francisco Superior Court this morning, Herrera petitioned Judge Charlotte Walter Woolard to declare the Heaven Mini Theatreat 1054 Kearny Street a public nuisance for operating in violation of state and local laws, and to issue a preliminary injunction that would close down the illicit enterprise.

Heaven Mini Theatre was also implicated in an April 9, 2009 shooting, in which a witness informed police investigators of his belief that an alleged Heaven employee was the gunman who shot two doormen at the Broadway Showgirls Nightclub in apparent retaliation for a physical altercation a week earlier. The victims, who had been shot in the thigh and neck respectively, survived.

“Naming a business ‘Heaven’ doesn’t place it beyond earthly laws and regulations, but that appears to be exactly what the operators of this illicit enterprise think,” said Herrera. “The Police and Planning Departments have been thorough and persistent in enforcing the law and doing their jobs. Yet gallingly, ‘Heaven’ sued the City because of it.

The reality is that this lawless endeavor has no intention of obeying the law in San Francisco, and the court ordered injunction I’m seeking is necessary to shut it down.”

Herrera’s motion details an improbable procedural history of the case, in which the illicit establishment — which has operated without a single City permit— preemptively sued the City for violating its federal constitutional guarantees of equal protection and due process because of what it described as “selective enforcement” of state and local laws. Yet despite being lawfully served with a Cease and Desist Order by the San Francisco Planning Department, despite numerous citations for prostitution by the Police Department, and despite repeated warnings by the City Attorney’s Office, Heaven’s operators have stubbornly remained open for business, distributing lurid flyers promoting their unlawful enterprise, and allegedly engaging in at least one act of intimidation toward a promoter of a lawful and properly permitted competing establishment.

The case is 1054 Kearny, LLC, DBA Heaven Mini Theatre v. City and County of San Francisco, San Francisco Superior Court No. CGC 08 479-624, filed Sept. 9, 2008. The complete presskit, which includes the pleadings and declarations filed with the court today, is available on the City Attorney’s Web site at the following URL:

The Presidio’s Crissy Field Overlook is Now Open

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

The Presidio Trust and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy opened another overlook today: 

The Crissy Field Overlook is the third major vista point to be completed in the Presidio. The Overlook is part of a program to nearly double the size of the Presidio’s trail system and create new ways for the community to experience the Presidio’s great outdoors. The stone plaza features views of the waterfront, San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz, and the San Francisco skyline. The Overlook was supported by a generous gift from the Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund.

Click to expand:


You don’t need a car to get up there, so check it out