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Think Pink – The San Francisco Zoo Invites You to See the Flamingo Chicks This Weekend

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Those newborn -hatched Chilean flamingo chicks are getting all kinds of attention at our San Francisco Zoo these days.

Check it:

The San Francisco Zoological Society is tickled pink after the hatching of three Chilean flamingo chicks. Come celebrate these exciting deliveries Labor Day weekend, September 4, 5 & 6, during a special “pink-themed” extravaganza. Pink flamingo lawn ornaments, ribbons and bows will line Zoo Street all the way to Flamingo Island. Plus, Zoo guests who wear a visible article of pink clothing will receive one dollar off general Zoo admission. Pink is in the air!”

So a buck isn’t all that much off of the price of admission but times are tough these days.

Anyway, see you there!

Art You Can Wear – “ArtWear” at the de Young Museum Finishes Today

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

Mother’s Day is coming up on May 10, so get something for Mom at the de Young Museum‘s Artwear show today. There’s no need to pay admission, just walk in and check out what’s for sale. Everything there is unique, that’s for sure.

Bonus: Museum Members get 20% off all regularly priced stuff at the de Young and the Legion of Honor today as well.

Ellen Hauptli of Berkeley shows off her colorful, reversible jackets. Click to expand:

What are these felt things? Go on in and ask Jenne Giles – she’ll tell you.

See you there!

ARTWEAR at the de Young

Announcing spectacular savings for Bay Area art enthusiasts! On May 1 and 2, the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco host two shopping events: ARTWEAR at the de Young and the Member’s Only 20% Off Sale at the de Young and Legion of Honor Museum Stores.
The first annual ARTWEAR event is currently taking place in the Piazzoni Murals Room and the de Young. Meet the artists and shop the best of Bay Area wearable. Members receive a 10% discount on all ARTWEAR purchases. Admission is free for the public. Shop works from the following artists:
Ana Lisa Hedstrom                                              
Angelina DeAtonis                                                       
Arlene Wohl                                                           
Bonnie Wells                                                                    
Carol Lee Shanks                                               
Elisa Ligon
Ellen Hauptli
Janet Lipkin
Jean Cacicedo
Jenne Giles
Karin Moggridge
Marilyn Petch
Deborah Cross
Barbara McKinder
Lois Anderson     
Marna Clark
Susan Chin  
Twiga Mumba