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For a Lot of Visitors, This is as Close as They Will Get to Riding in an Actual Cable Car – “Rails? Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Rails”

Thursday, December 22nd, 2016

The wait for a $7 one-way trip on a real cable car can be super long, so a lot of people are never able to scratch a ride off their bucket list. This is a decent substitute, I s’pose:


Famous Ross Perot came to town once and had a high old time riding around in one of these things with his posse, and he’s a billionaire, used to doing all kinds of new things. Anyway, he found the experience memorable…

Oh No, This Yellow Limousine Bus from White Motors is Just More Competition for San Francisco’s Beleaguered Taxi Industry

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

Here it is. It looks a lot like this one, huh?

Click to expand

And then there’s this:

“There is such a shortage of drivers, we are basically trying to empty the ocean with an eyedropper,” Hayashi said. “So we may have recruited a few, but not nearly enough.”

Hey didn’t the SFMTA recently institute an enormous “tax” on medallions? Hey, was that a good idea? Oh it was, ’cause that’s the money what pays your six-figure salary? Ok fine…

Newsom, Obama and the Gay Weddings of 2004: A Slight Revision of History

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

I don’t know, it seems San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is a little hacked off these days because President Barack Obama didn’t want the two of them to be photographed together back in 2004, a time when Gavin was seen as uniquely emblematic of the marriage equality issue. Barack didn’t want photos of the two of them together on the Associated Press wire available for publication in every podunk newspaper all over the country – he didn’t want to deal with that issue.  

All right, fair enough. But I can recall a time when Gavin himself was hacked off over a certain photograph depicting marriage equality being on the AP wire.  

Leave us travel back to aught-four, when gay weddings were going on all over City Hall. At the time, some folks from Room 200 were very sensitive about the idea of the Mayor being photographed or filmed while he himself was officiating weddings. For whatever reason.

So when he agreed, as a courtesy, to officiate the wedding of a couple of blondes in his elegant office*, the press was emphatically banned despite the fact that they (quite reasonably) felt that they were invited to the ceremony. The media were forced to bide their time waiting just outside the Mayor’s Office.

And this was the scene of the scrum in the hallway afterwards. You might find Waldo in there, but not Gavin: 

But look, here he is officiating the ceremony just five minutes before:

This particular photo was processed, emailed, released to the AP, and published in podunk newspapers within hours, to the consequent consternation of the mayor’s people. It seems perfectly cromulent now but, at the time, this kind of scene was seen by some as Too Hot For Publication. 

Of course that certainly was a bold move Gavin made in 2004, no doubt about it. I’ll tell you, back in the 1990’s I took a course from a local professor who, in 2003, strongly supported and volunteered for Gavin’s brainy opponent in that year’s mayoral election. But soon thereafter, said professor’s opinion of Mayor Newsom did a 180 solely because of the marriage equality issue – the prof. would go on and on about how much he appreciated Gavin’s actions, and later on, he actually supported Gavin’s reelection (along with the good bulk of everybody else) in 2007.

So nobody doubts the mayor of San Francisco really stuck his neck out on this issue back in the day. But students of history should be foregiven if they can’t square their memories of 2004 100% with what’s being said in 2010.

Just saying.

*Hello, Maureen’s fact-checkers in New Yawk? Starting up a boutique wine shop in Napa Valley” makes about as much sense as opening a coal shop in Newcastle. How about a Napa Valley wine shop in San Francisco – that would be a lot closer to the mark. Just saying.

A 1936 White Motor Company Bus on the Streets of San Francisco

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Shown on California Street in the Financial District is a White Motor Company vehicle from the 1930’s. Feel free to call it what you will.

The license plate says “36 LIMO” and the company that owns it, The Ambassador’s Rolls, refers to it thusly:


Why don’t we compromise and call it a coach? Click to expand:


You can see similar vehicles on Going-To-The-Sun Road in Montana at Glacier National Park. Glacier’s red buses have been modified a bit for the new millenium. Long may they roll.