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It Takes a Village to Assemble a Cell Phone Tower in Golden Gate Park – All That Fuss Over This

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

This is in the Panhandle, which I consider part of Golden Gate Park, the same way I consider a pan’s handle to be a part of the pan and the same way I consider the Oklahoma Panhandle to be a part of Oklahoma:

P1230112 copy

This is between Fell and Oak near Clayton, as opposed to the Verizon / AT&T unit near Ashbury what started going up a whopping 13 days afore the 2015 Bay to Breakers historic fun run and street party. Camden Avery of Hoodline has the deets on that temporary tower.

Here’s the Clayton install as seen on Monday – man, that’s a big crew:

P1230134 copy

In years past these mobile towers have been sited on the other side of Stanyan, but the traditional party location is closer to Masonic – this year the towers will be closer to the action.

We’ll have to wait and see how all this extra non-ionizing radiation flying about is affecting my mojo


Pray for my mojo

Word From Rec and Park in the Golden Gate Park Panhandle: “Radio Frequency Energy May Exceed Exposure Limits”

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

[UPDATE: Peeps be telling me this could be preparations for the upcoming Bay to Breakers historic street party and fun run, but starting 13 days ahead of time seems funny to me…]

I’ll tell you, they’ve been working on installing this generator-powered mobile cell phone tower(?) in the Golden Gate Park Panhandle near Fell and Masonic since Monday, so obvs the Recreation and Park Department knows what’s going on here:

7J7C6608a copy

But what’s behind the cyclone fencing? It’s a NOTICE what says:

“STAY BACK! Radio-frequency energy May exceed exposure limits”

7J7C6608 copy

Here’s what it looks like:

7J7C6627 copy

So if you feel like you’ve been missing your mojo lately, this rig could be the reason why…

P1220947 copy

Seen on the Streets of San Francisco: A Scooter for Boys and a Scooter for Girls

Friday, July 25th, 2014


Scooter B: “That’s nice. All right then – I’m going to TJ’s. Beep beep.”

Ski the Panhandle Bike Path! Get Your Gloves, Poles, Boots and Wheeled Cross-Country Thingees and Just Go

Monday, April 21st, 2014


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North Beach Update: Princess Leia’s Three-Wheeled Motor Scooter, Darth Vader’s Three-Wheeled Motor Scooter

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Here are your new, three-wheeled Piaggios, you know, dall’Italia.

The first one’s kind of cute but the other one is pure evil – just look at it:

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Oh, and the prices? About double what I expected.

Anyway, which would you prefer?

Leave us close with the Piaggio Girls, direct from Italy:

Gilera_500ie_2007_14_1024x768 copy

Don’t forget your helmet. Safety first:

67GileraFUOCO500ie copy

Esaminilo, madre! Nessun mani!

piaggio_mp3__hybrid copy

The tragedy of helmet hair:

2007-gilera-fuoco-500ie-40_800x0w copy

Three-Wheeled Scooter Totally Pwns Two-Wheeled Scooter on the Streets of San Francisco

Monday, September 12th, 2011



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San Francisco’s Response to ING Bay To Breakers Rules: No Eff-ING Way

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

So, here’s another go-around with the proposed “new improvements” to the ING Bay to Breakers. Today’s rally at City Hall attracted about 100 souls, plus a lot of speakers and media. But changes started coming a day or two ago when PR man Sam Singer, the “master of disaster,” started singing, thus ending the denial of the organizers of the historic footrace.

[UPDATE: Read a new Race Director Angela Fang interview from a (not-at-all) viscious, attack-dog journalist here. And see a branding critique here. And finally, just who is K.H., Manager, Sales, Production, Communications, B2B”? S/he is feisty no? So we hear from K.H. that B2B is “privately owned.” O rly, by whom? Is it the Anschutz Entertainment Group, aka AEG, which is owned by The Anschutz Corporation, which is owned by noted marathon-running billionaire, Bush Cheney “Pioneer,” and “intelligent design” fan Philip Anschutz? That’s not my final answer, but signs point to “yes.” Is this the same Philip Anschutz who supported the anti-gay Prop 2 in Colorado back in the day?]

This fellow looked like he liked what he heard this morn. Many attendees were encouraged by the fact that the take-it-or-leave-it approach from last week doesn’t appear to be written in stone. Even San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is “not against some kind of compromise.” Click to expand:

The sum of the crowd, a fair turnout, considering.

The United Hipsters of Benetton, representing the no-to-new-improvements side. You’d need an expanded Facial Hair Types chart to keep all the different grooming styles sorted out:

This graphic is somewhat damning of the organizers, some might feel. The ING people are saying the more people that register for the race, the more portable toilets we’ll get – but isn’t that a little backwards? Shouldn’t they put in a sufficient number, whatever that is, regardless? (Of course ING is just the primary sponsor and their contract with B2B runs out next year, but that’s what people call the organizers – the ING people.)

Freaky” attorney Alix Rosenthal and San Francisco Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi would like to work things out:

Can’t we all get along? As of this afternoon, it looks like we can.

Should you start working on this year’s B2B float? It’s still too soon to say…