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4Loko Might Be Dead, But There’s a Replacement: CREAM, the 30-Proof Alcohol-Infused Whipped Cream

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

OMG, it’s CREAM, the alcohol-infused whipped cream.

And it’s just the thing for you in this post-4Loko world.

“Get Creamed,” as they say:

“Get Whipped,” as they say:

But the Marin Institute does not approve:

“The ink is barely dry on the Food and Drug Administration’s letters to makers of alcoholic energy drinks and already there’s another kid-friendly alcohol product gaining attention and spurring buying frenzies across the country. Alcoholic whipped cream, anyone?

For a mere $13 a can, (with the cutesy name “Cream”) booze-enthusiasts can score their 30-proof party-starter in childlike flavors such as chocolate, cherry, orange, and raspberry. At about the equivalent alcohol content as Bailey’s Irish Cream or Bacardi Mojito, each shot packs a whallop. And how should one consume it? Let’s ask the company. The MySpace page of the product’s creators urges you to try adding it to Jello shots – a staple of college parties everywhere.  But remember: whip responsibly.”

Whip responsibly, indeed.

OMG! The Half Moon Bay Big-Wave Surfing Film Festival is Coming! June 17-20

Monday, June 8th, 2009

Here’s your chance to head on down to Half Moon Bay to check out the First Annual Half Moon Bay Big-Wave Surfing Film Festival. It’s too bad we didn’t get to see the Mavericks Surf Contest earlier in the year, but this should help ease the pain.  


First Annual Big Wave Surfing Film Festival
Presented by the Oceano Hotel and Spa, Sams Chowder House, and the Old Princeton Landing

From the spirit of Jay Moriarity, to women’s surfing, to the powerful presence of Greg Noll, surfing fans are in for a treat June 17-20 when the first annual Half Moon Bay Big-Wave Surfing Film Festival takes place at the Oceano Hotel in Princeton Harbor.

The Bull himself (Greg Noll), legendary for his pioneering performances in Hawaii, will be present on the red carpet opening Wednesday night for his film, “Search For Surf,” in which he teamed with storied filmmaker Bruce Brown to recall their experiences in California and Hawaii. “What better way to open an event like this than to have one of the sport’s most legendary and inspirational icons on hand,” said Grant Washburn, Mavericks surfer and event organizer.

The following night will be a tribute to the late Jay Moriarity, who died on a free-diving expedition off the coast of India in 2001. Moriarity was one of the best surfers ever to ride Mavericks, and is held close to the hearts of the Mavericks and Big Wave Community.


Thursday night’s featured films will be “Whipped” and “Ride On,” each produced by Eric Nelson and Curt Myers of Powerlines Productions. “We’re beyond excited to host an event that features Big Wave Surfing, the filmmakers and the surfers themselves”, said Mavericks’ Matriarch Katherine Clark. “This is just the beginning of what will become a great tradition in the Big Wave off-season.” Seldom, if ever, have so many highly regarded surf films been on display over such a short time. The event will be held inside the new Harbor Villages shopping center at Princeton, in the shadow of Mavericks, and visitors are likely to see a number of big-wave superstars in attendance.

In addition to the films, a photo and surfboard gallery will be on display throughout the festival at the Oceano Hotel, inside Harbor Village. Photos include some of the best work from Frank Quirarte, Doug Acton, Don Montgomery, Ed Grant, Seth Midgall, and others who have shot Mavericks over the years.

The complete schedule, after the jump.

See you there!


The Castro vs. SFWeekly Writer Matt Smith Regarding

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Famous San Francisco writer Matt Smith is the cause of a boycott call in the Castro District due to his Whipped and Gagged piece, the one that dealt with, aka Cybernet Entertainment, LLC. Matt’s article seemed perfectly cromulent, but some disagree.

Irregardless, here’s one of the flyers from Castro Street betwixt 17th and 18th.

San Francisco’s Great Pie Fight of 2009 – Standout Photos

Friday, March 6th, 2009

Well it was advertised on the Laughing Squid and the San Francisco Bay Area Art, Culture & Technology Events Squid List (something like craigslist but with less pandering), so it had to be good. Herbie Hatman from the Yelp-rated SFØ (or SFZero, or SF0, or SFZed, or whatever) promoted the spectacle that was yesterday’s Pie Fight at the Powell Street cable car turnaround near Market. 

Take a look below and then compare with 2007’s Barbersol-fueled action.

The mise-en-scene during the melee. Click to expand:

via Steve Rhodes

Here’s the pre-game…

“© mekuria getinet /

..and the aftermath:

“© mekuria getinet /

“© mekuria getinet /

“© mekuria getinet /

See you next year!

via John Curley