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“Audited Circulation” and the Death of AsianWeek as a Printed Newspaper

Monday, January 5th, 2009

With news of the end of AsianWeek as a physical, dead-tree newspaper, we learn that it:

“…had an audited circulation of 58,000 and 95 percent of the copies published were picked up by readers.”

95%? Really? Cause lots of these boxes seemed to have plenty of copies left days after the weekly distribution date, almost filled to the brim with content and Best Buy inserts. 

This was what one box looked like four days after the hot February 23, 2007 issue came out. Click to expand: 

Actually, in these days of miracle and wonder, it might almost be better to not have circulation claims described as “audited.”

These are the days when even the American Society of Newspaper Editors wants to take the word “newspaper” out of its name.

On it goes.

More about that February 23, 2007 issue after the jump.