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Those New Solar and Wind-Powered LED Streetlights Don’t Install Themselves, Right?

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

This was the scene today in front of the State Building in Civic Center. So pretty soon, those orange-tinted night shots you’ve been taking on the streets of San Francisco will be history.

Why? ‘Cause Uncle Sucker is paying the City and County of San Francisco money to put in cooler LED lighting. That means that your night-time cell phone shots will look much better.

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A Close-Up View of Our New Civic Center Sustainability District, with Windmills, Solar Panels and LEDs

Friday, December 24th, 2010

Our Civic Center Sustainability District up close.

See? Windmills, solar panels and LED streetlights:


A Mystery Solved: Windmills are Back in Civic Center – “Sustainability Resource District” Kicks Off With 600 Watt Generators

Friday, December 17th, 2010

Remember this mystery from yesterday? Well, turns out it’s just the Civic Center Sustainability District getting started.

Here it is, a “vertical axis wind turbine.” Or, a windmill, your choice:

All the deets, after the jump


Just What the Heck is This Mysterious Green Thing Getting Installed High Above Civic Center? A Windmill?

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

I’m voting for windmill, but I’m getting a pre-invasion-Iraq vibe from the thing so you never know.

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Anyway, I gots to know but I don’t want my curiosity to interfere with my lifestyle so I’m going to assign all three* of my “interns” to get on this, stat, while I go to some trendy coffee bar and bitch about people who are youngersmartercutermoretalentedrichermoreedumacatedmorepopular than I. Why oh why won’t the world recognize my genius? Now, if I only had a million dollars…

*How wish I could pay them more (or at all, hah!), ’cause they’re so talented and whatnot. Oh how I wish.

Jerry Brown Throws Down: Brokers a Deal to Have Those Altamont Pass Windmills Kill Fewer Raptor Birds

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Our California Attorney General Jerry Brown can’t abide thousands of California’s raptors getting chewed up by fast-spinning windmill blades, so he’s struck a deal.

Get all the deets below.

El Protector de la Gente, Jerry Brown:

via Thomas Hawk

Don’t mess with Texas, pardner. Them boids is big:

Until they fly through the Altamont Pass. Then they die:

All the deets, after the jump


All Those Airplanes Making Noise Over San Francisco are Landing at OAKland – A Rare and Dangerous Fed-Ex MD-11 Jumbo

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Here’s a recent view from the Western Addition towards the west, so the giant American flag you can see is indicating an atypical stiff breeze from the south, more or less.

Airline passengers don’t fly in three-engined tri-jets anymore because the concept isn’t fit for the 21st century. But the stuff you order on the Amazon rides old-school Fed-Ex Cargo McDonnell Douglas DC-10‘s and MD-11‘s all the time.

Now, the DC-10 got a bad rep about three decades back – some of that wasn’t its fault (like when a pilot heard 1500 feet instead of 1500 meters) but some of it was. So Mickey D came out with a replacement, the MD-11. It was better in a lot of ways but it turned out to be more crashy than its predecessor and that’s a whole story in itself.*

Anyway, these MD trijets generally do fine when they land facing straight into the wind, as here:

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Stay safe in your pterodactyls, in your flying dinosaurs, Fed-Ex pilots!

*Like how they made the landing gear stronger to handle the stretched body, so they’re stronger than the wing they’re hanging from – that situation has killed passengers and pilots. McDonnell Douglas simply tried way too hard to make up for the fact that its only jumbo design just happened to have an unnecessary third engine sucking up a lot of fuel.

Run for the Hills, Ma Barker, ‘Cause the Windpower People are in Town – Windmills will be a NIMBY Nightmare

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

The driver of this corporate pick-em-up probably had no idea, but s/he parked her/his rig right next to the residence of one of San Francisco’s most notorious NIMBYs and, well, if the NIMBYs already hate Life and Everthing In It now, just imagine how they’re going to react to windpower in the 415.

Let’s inventory the possible complaints now, shall we?

As seen near Golden Gate Park, a truck from Energy Management Services, LLC parked near the ramparts of the NIMBYs’ Fortress of Reaction:

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Let’s see here:

1. Noise

2. Lights

3. Danger of falling objects

4. Bird killings

5. Deadly EMF transmissions from monitoring equipment

6. Nearby property values/ obstruction of scenic views

And that’s just for starters.

You ought to start up a 501(c)(3) right now so you’ll be ready when windpower kicks off…

Switch off the mind and let the heart decide
who you were meant to be
Flick to remote and let the body glide
There is no enemy!

Etch out a future of your own design
We’ll tailored to your needs
Then fan the flame and keep the dream alive
Of a continent
A continent a continent a continent a –

Shatter the lens and grind it into sand
One measured exposure
Scatter the seed and furrow in our land
The future is roses! Roses!
Switch off the mind and let the heart decide
There is no enemy!
Lift up the hearts of this your only tribe
We’re a continent
A continent a continent a continent a

NIYFY! Twin Peaks NIMBYs Say Hell No to Miraloma Park Man’s Dream of a Front Yard Wind Turbine

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Dude wants to put a Skystream 3.7 windmill turbine in his front yard on windblown Teresita Boulevard*, but area NIMBYs are having none of that. They’re saying Not In Your Front Yard. The whole concept “irks” them, you dig? It’s stiring up debate is what it’s doing.

Comes now the San Francisco Coalition of NIMBYhoods to rain on one Nathan Miller’s parade. They’re basically calling him stupid here:

Whereas existing turbine windmills were not designed for residential City use, and exceed in height and width the appropriate scale for a San Francisco residential neighborhood and delivering only a fraction of the promised power because sufficient vertical and horizontal clearance is impossible in nearly all residential neighborhoods in San Francisco;”

Why would anyone want to live in an area with such emotional no-nothings in charge of things?

Anywho, here’s what backyard windmills look like these days:

Oh well. A complete list of the windmill-haters making up one of the hundreds of coalitions about town, after the jump.

The fact is, this friction
Will only be worn by persistence
Leave out conditions
Courageous convictions
Will drag the dream into existence

*Fell is just a “street” with four lanes in one direction, but single-lane Teresita, which winds it’s way through the bucolic suburbs of the 415, is a “boulevard.” Go figure.


San Francisco Manages to Go Its Own Way, Despite the Prevailing Winds

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

One of these flags was put up by an agency of the federal government and the other was put up by the City and County of San Francisco.

Just try to guess which is which.

Anyway, the rainbow flag refused to follow the lead of Old Glory for as long as I looked.

One of these days, these two flags just might point in the same direction…

The Windy Western Presidio isn’t the Best Place for Outdoor Wedding Photos

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Or, I don’t know, maybe it is. As long as you don’t mind if your veil blows in the wind straight out, like the long, long hair of Disney‘s Pocahontas.

Passers by were cheering for this couple, anyway.

The scene near the Immigrant Point Overlook on Lincoln Boulevard with the shutterbug far off to the left:

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