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Worst Local Billboard Ad of 2011: Royal Motor Sales’ “We Strike Out Competition Like San Francisco Champs”

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Is this a way to sort of ride along on the Giants winning the World Series last year?

“We Strike Out Competition Like San Francisco Champs”

(It helps to say the phrase as if you were Yakov “Smirnoff” or Boris Badenov. Otherwise, it’s hard for me to say it.)

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Also, Audis are kind of expensive for what you get, right? Please do something about that, RoyalMotorSales.

I mean, isn’t $133K kind of expensive for an A8 sedan, you know, in light of what the car is like?

Toyota Prius Hybrid Driving Lesson #38: You May Only Enter an Intersection Once – Don’t Back Up for a Second Try

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Toyota Prius Hybrid Driving Lesson #38

AFAIWC, this Toyota Prius driver was long gone by the time my light turned green to cross over Divisadero. You know, ’cause her front wheels were already well into the intersection where she waited trying to turn left before the red light.

But no, instead of just completing her turn when her light turned red, she thinks for a moment and then puts it in reverse and backs up about a car length. (My first clue was the back-up lights coming on.) I says, “Oh no, Prius!” and then jumped out of the crosswalk and onto the median with my characteristic cat-like agility.

And here’s where the driver waited until the next cycle:

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Prius driver, please! Once you nose out of the crosswalk and into an intersection, you’re committed. That’s it, there’s no going back.

There’s no going back a car length and a half to get behind your original stop line.

This concludes Toyota Prius Hybrid Driving Lesson #38 

Finally: A Car Being Driven at Night Without Headlights That’s Not a Toyota Prius!

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

[Assessor-Recorder Phil Ting and area muckraker Phil Matier both drive Priuseseses around town but they don’t seem to drive like Prius drivers, AFAICS. It’s uncanny. Consider them exceptions to the rule.]

Most of the time, when you see people driving at night without their headlights on, the car involved is a Toyota Prius. There are various reasons for that, but mostly it has to do with the lack of situation awareness possessed by the typical Prius driver.

So it was refreshing to see a non-Prius driver doing the same thing just yesterday. Thusly:

Now, if you want to get in on the fun, order a black Prius from Toyota. Then, when you go about at night without lights on, you’ll turn invisible. Thusly.

And oh yes, feel free to blame Toyota after you crash.


San Francisco Pedestrians are the Worst Pedestrians in the World: “Stay Behind Yellow Line, Use X-Walk to Cross Street”

Monday, July 25th, 2011

I have no idea what happened in this incident here,* involving a serious head injury and a MUNI bus on Market Street, but check out Famous Akit‘s recent first-hand experiences of people who don’t know enough to stay behind the yellow line right here.

Da Law is the Da Law, both above and below ground, right?

Here’s how it works, peds, and this applies the world over, you need to stay behind the yellow line and leave that airspace free for people who are driving buses and taxis and cars and motorcycles and bicycles, and, I don’t know, skateboards and Segways.

Leave us review:

“Use X-Walk to Cross Street, Stay Behind Yellow Line, Use X-Walk to Cross Street, Stay Behind Yellow Line…”

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If you spend any time at all driving any kind of vehicle up and down Market Steet, you’ll know that, for some reason, San Francisco pedestrians feel:

1. It’s their innate right to jaywalk 24/7/365; and

2. There’s no reason for them to actually look for oncoming traffic before jaywalking because of #1 (see above), their innate right to jaywalk 24/7/365

The biggest threat to any pedestrian is the pedestrian him or herself, obviously.

And that goes double for the 415, home of the Worst Pedestrians in the World.

*I’m thinking that the initial reports of this tragedy had more certainty over what occurred. The ped in this case might be 100% not at fault. 

The SFMTA is, With a Doubt, the Worst-Run Agency in San Francisco, Just Saying

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Money’s not the problem, it’s the people.

Oh well.

Thousand-yard stares focus on the bus that isn’t there:

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That Horrible Ultra Motor Ltd Company is Still Around, Still Selling Their Crummy A2B Electric Scooters

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Now don’t get me wrong, I think test-driving an A2B electric scooter in Golden Gate Park can be fun, but the problem is that these rigs don’t really make sense for the vast majority of people, that’s the problem.

Anyway, this is the past weekend in GGP here…

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…and this below is from the past.

Sometimes you spend money on an idea and it doesn’t work out.

Oh well.

Well well, has it really been a half-year since an example of the ridiculous, overweight and overpriced A2B electric bike / moped thing has been spotted on the Streets of San Francisco? Yes.

Here’s the one sighted yesterday. It’s a rental of course, but actually, that’s not a bad thing. Assuming you don’t run out of juice, renting an A2B for 69 bones doesn’t appear to be a bad way to spend a day exploring the 415 . You could easily haul on over to Sausalito (remembering to pretend to pedal – the Golden Gate Bridge people actually require this) and back without breaking a sweat.


(Take care it doesn’t get stolen, though, else they’ll charge your credit card an arm and a leg.)

O.K. then.

Now I’ll tell you, most of the people who comment about the posts made about the A2B on this website actually work (or worked) for Ultra Motor.

For example, here’s a bit from Ultra Motor Co-Founder and President Jon Bowman from earlier this year:

“Wow. You really have nothing better to do than attack what appears to be a good idea and an innovative product.”

Does that make sense? He’s berating me for criticising one of his P.O.S. products from the standpoint of someone who doesn’t work for Ultra Motor, yet he works for Ultra Motor. (Reminds me of when people at the San Francisco Chronicle Newspaper would make comments on SFist claiming to work full-time for MUNI or something. They weren’t really fooling anybody…)

Anyway, a newer product Ultra Motor has is called the Excel and it’s being marketed as a $5000 electric scooter. O.K., if it makes you happy.

The big problem with all these bikes is that they don’t sell. The fact that you have to fork over $2200 plus tax, minimum, to buy one (unless you get a deal through Craigslist ) is merely the first problem. It’s not the only problem, not at all. (Now, they have this newer model, the Velocity (Velociti?) but I ain’t never seen one of those – maybe it’s closer to being an actual electric bike…)

Oh well. Even the people who like these things don’t really like these things.

If you want an electric bike, get a Trek or something else.

The Mean Streets of San Francisco are No Place for an Ultra Motor A2B Electric Scooter Moped Bicycle Thing

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Maybe it was a chuckhole or maybe it was going around the open car door and onto the train tracks that caused this fellow to take a tumble on his crappy Ultra Motor A2B electric moped on Market Street yesterday.

You see, them wheels is too small – it’s a styling thing, apparently:

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You know, on their website they tell you everything but how much these contraptions cost…*

*Too much**

**A-waaaaaaaaay too much. Oh well.

Bicycle Trilogy: This Fellow Actually Bought an A2B Electric Bike – They’re Aren’t Too Many Like Him

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

I’m not sure if a Segway scooter sighting is rarer than an A2B electric bike / scooter sighting on the Streets of San Francisco.

The sales of both haven’t met expectations, I’d imagine.

Anyway, count this guy as an A2B True Believer:

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For one

The Worst Pedestrians in the World Can Be Found on San Francisco’s Market Street, USA

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

How many hundreds of peds step onto Market Street to jaywalk each and every hour without even looking?

MUNI ought to put electrified cattle gates on their bus-stop island fences, sync them up with the traffic lights.

Moo, moo, go the peds:

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San Francisco Peds are the Worst – They Violate Vehicle Code All the Time Without Knowing It

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Believe it or not, pedestrians in California need to mind to the California Vehicle Code. Isn’t that something?*

That’s lesson one. Before we get to lesson two, check out this morning’s Mini-Sermon** on Ped Rights or something at Bike NOPA. Now, do pedestrians really want, “to cross the street without getting hit?” Most do but a few don’t. And the good bulk of them seem indifferent to the risks of collision, indifferent to the laws that rule their behaviour.

That brings us to lesson two: Pedestrians are not allowed to stare at the DON”T WALK signal and then start walking when the green WALK signal comes on, oh no. You see, you need to check for “vehicles lawfully within the intersection at the time.” That language is in there around Section 21456, see below.

So, you don’t need to look both ways, no. That’s advice or something, not the law. But what you need to do is look just one way, look in the direction where the traffic is coming from in the lane you about to set foot on. If a car or a bus or a bike is about to hit you, then you need to hold up, right? If you get hit, then it’s your fault, can you imagine? You, the Sainted Pedestrian, actually have to consider Other People before walking, Under Da Law ‘n stuff.

Now, some drivers enter intersections when they have the red. Bad form. Feel free to ignore those people because it’ll be their fault when they hit you and then you and your shyster will get rich (well, you, maybe not so much) with a nice settlement, one would hope. But you have to know if the driver ran the red, and, to know that, you need to look.

Or, you can do whatever the Hell you want, the way most everybody else does. Your choice.

Uh oh, they’re not doing it the right way, just like every day:

Now, are San Francisco drivers the worst in California? I don’t know. It’s kind of a state-wide thing, where driving, more or less, is a right, not a privilege.

But SF peds are the worst in the state because of the attitude thing.

Oh well.

“21456. Whenever a pedestrian control signal showing the words “WALK” or “WAIT” or “DONT WALK” or other approved symbol is in place, the
signal shall indicate as follows: (a) “WALK” or approved “Walking Person” symbol. A pedestrian facing the signal may proceed across the roadway in the direction of the signal, but shall yield the right-of-way to vehicles lawfully within the intersection at the time that signal is first shown. (b) Flashing or steady “DONT WALK” or “WAIT” or approved “Upraised Hand” symbol. No pedestrian shall start to cross the roadway in the direction of the signal, but any pedestrian who has partially completed crossing shall proceed to a sidewalk or safety zone or
otherwise leave the roadway while the “WAIT” or “DONT WALK” or approved “Upraised Hand” symbol is showing.

21456.1. Whenever an official traffic control signal exhibiting an approved “Walking Person” symbol, an approved “Upraised Hand” symbol,
or the words “WALK” or “WAIT” or “DON’T WALK” is shown concurrently with official traffic control signals exhibiting the words “GO” or “CAUTION” or “STOP” or exhibiting different colored lights successively, one at a time or with arrows, a pedestrian facing those traffic control signals shall obey the “Walking Person,” “Upraised Hand,” “WALK” or “WAIT” or “DON’T WALK” control signal as provided in
Section 21456.”

*Why don’t we change it, man, so that car drivers have to obey the Pedestrian Code, man?

**Look Out, There’s a Twist! It’s just like in that Crying Game movie, didn’t see that one coming a parsec away…