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The Happiest Breakfast in the World is as Close as Your Nearest Costco

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

When you’re in training for the rigorous straight-outta-British Columbia Justin Herman Plaza Zipline, well, you need to exercise and eat right.

And after your work out, what could more entertaining than noshing on this still-life tabletop tableau?

See? The gorgeous green Granny Ramsey Smith* apples** are the eyes. They’re from the Yakima Valley, all the way up there near the aforementioned B.C., Canada.

Does the fact that they are from a thousand li away upset you?   

Should that upset you?

*Call them “baking apples” and I’ll cut you. Super-crunchy Grannies like these are for eating, not baking.

**Leave us not discuss Costco’s bananas in the 415 area. They are consistently substandard, IMO.

Pink Lady Apples are Taking the Bay Area by Storm

Friday, March 13th, 2009

Are Pink Lady apples really pink? Sort of. Are they kind of new? Yes, from Australia originally, they got started just three decades ago. Are they gaining in popularity? Yes. Are they expensive? Sort of, but Costco has them for a bit more than a dollar a pound, or fifty cents for each small apple. Do they really taste like champagne? No.

Here they are, straight out of Yakima, your 2009 Piiiiink Ladies!:

Not to be confused with the other Pink Lady, named for this duo (or trio, if you include Solid Gold host Jeff Altman) from the 1970’s. This is what variety shows were like, kids, before teh Internets.

No, we’re talking about this, 14 for $6.99. (Is Washington State too far away from us for truck farming? Mmmmm.)

Aren’t these things the same as a Cripps Pink? Basically, yes.

Either way, they’re sweet and super crisp and num, num, num.