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And Another One Bites the Dust: Electric Carmaker “Green Vehicles, Inc” Dies, Taking a Ton of Government Dollars

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

I don’t know what made the mayor of Salinas, CA think that he could See The Future, but he used to think that way, back when he sunk about $500,000 of municipal funds into now-defunctGreen Vehicles, Inc.

This was the three-wheeler that was going to sell for $25k:

From happier times:

“Green Vehicles was co-founded by Ehab Youssef and Mike Ryan in the wake of a failed ZAP! dealership originally in Los Gatos, California. Disappointment in the state of the battery electric vehicle industry at the time led the small company to take on the ambitious goal of making the world’s most sustainably made, energy efficient freeway commuter.

In 2008, the company changed course, abandoning its manufacturing base in China for an 80,000 sq ft (7,400 m2) facility in Salinas, California in order to make changes to manufacturing operations more consistent with the principles on which the company was founded. Green Vehicles recently applied to the state of California and received supplemental funds to implement Design for Manufacturability and Design for Environment changes before increasing commercial production volumes of the Triac 2.0

And here’s your timeline:

“On July 30, 2010, Green Vehicles was awarded a grant for over $2,050,000 by the California Energy Commission to assist the company’s efforts to scale up manufacturing operations in Salinas, California.

On July 18, 2011, Green Vehicles announced it had ceased operations, citing a lack of capital. Virtually all of its funding had come from state and local government grants”

Oh well…

“Electric Cars are Gay” – This Line was Pulled from the Trailer of Ron Howard’s New Movie, But Not in San Francisco

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Actor Vince Vaughn plays an engine designer in Ron Howard’s upcoming film called The Dilemma, O.K. fine. But people are upset at the following line, uttered when the Vince Vaughn character makes a pitch to a car company:

Electric cars are gay. I mean not homosexual gay, but, you know, my-parents-are-chaperoning-the-dance gay.”

Well, GLAAD wasn’t happy about that, so Universal Pictures yanked these lines from the trailer promoting the movie.

Except in San Francisco, where they didn’t. So, the Metreon Theatre, as of yesterday, still uses the original trailer with the offending line intact.

So much for the promises of Hollywood…

A non-gay electric car in the Castro District:

Click to expand

And speaking of broken promises coming out of Tinseltown, when are they going to get around to fixing the steps of Alta Plaza, you know, the ones that got damaged during the filming of What’s Up, Doc back in the 1970’s?

Maybe someday.

Spotting an All-Electric ZAP Xebra Microcar on the Streets of San Francisco

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Well, here it is, straight-outta-Shandong, it’s a three-wheeled ZAP! Xebra all-electric car / motorcycle.

Now, one of the things you should know by now is to never trust anything said by anybody from an electric car company. (Sometimes they’ll lie to you on purpose and sometimes they’ll lie to you inadvertently.) Anyway, I’ll let Wiki take over now – seems as if Santa Rosa-based ZAP! has more than it’s fair share of issues.

Recently seen on Market Street:

Take a look at the video of a Xebra on Sloat from the Cat Snuggler – this could be the same exact vehicle.

Let’s hope the range is over 15 miles per charge IRL for the newer models.

Wow! You can even buy them on the craigslist.

Keep a look out.

2008 ZAP! Xebra Sedan  
Shipment just arrived. Red, blue, green, and other colors available. Tax credits and sales tax free. Here is your chance to go all electric and stop using gas! Stock 72 Volt. Upgrades to 84 volt are available at extra cost. All Electric! | Top speed 40mph | Max range 20-25 miles | 4 door 4 seater | 110v charge | Max capacity 500lbs | 72v system

  • Curtis Controller
  • Power Locks
  • Metal body
  • Heat/Defrost
  • AM/FM/CD player
  • DeltaQ charger
  • Hatchback