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Supervisors Mar and Campos vs. the Nativist “Californians for Population Stabilization”

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Oh my, San Francisco Supervisors Eric Mar and David Campos are going to get into it with the NPG/ZPG/Immigration Reduction crowd at this afternoon’s weekly meeting of the Board of Supervisors. To get up to speed on this brouhaha, click here and see the offending video ads from Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS).

Profoundly nativist, certainly. Racist? Well, as always, You Make The Call. (I mean, the bulk of the people we’re talking about here aren’t coming from Europe, that’s for sure.) A vote on this matter is on the agenda and CAPS is trying to pack the chambers with their supporters right now – we’ll just have to bide our time to see how this one turns out.

See how much sense this absurd YouTube spot makes to you. (Them immigrants don’t have two hands and two feet like us fine Americans, apparently….)

Today’s screed from the nativists. Enjoy:

“San Francisco Supervisors Play ‘Race Card’ in Response to TV Spot Linking Population Growth and Environmental Degradation

Supervisors’ Position is at Odds with Legendary Environmentalists, Including Gaylord Nelson and David Brower

San Francisco Board of Supervisors members Eric Mar and David Campos are attacking a Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) ad campaign connecting population growth to environmental degradation. Mar and Campos have scheduled time for the Board of Supervisors to consider a measure condemning the ads today, Tuesday November 10th.  CAPS will deliver the latest research regarding population growth and its effects on our environment to the Board of Supervisors prior to the meeting.

Mar and Campos’ position is at odds with a plethora of research and a long list of legendary environmentalists including the founder of Earth Day, Gaylord Nelson and the Sierra Club’s first Executive Director, David Brower. “Often, when someone doesn’t have the facts on their side, they resort to name calling,” explained Diana Hull, Executive Director of CAPS. “Obviously, this is an emotional issue for Mr. Mar and Mr. Campos but as community leaders, they should know better. In America, we welcome all viewpoints.”

The ad campaign makes the point that the number one factor driving U.S. population growth is immigration. Further, when immigrants come to America, their carbon footprint expands to four times what it was in their home countries. The ads suggest that curbing immigration isn’t the solution to global warming but it’s a start.

Along with many highly respected environmentalists, both Gaylord Nelson and David Brower highlighted immigration-driven population growth as a major factor affecting our environment. The 2008 CIS study on which CAPS’ ads are based is the latest in a litany of research reinforcing the common sense conclusion that population growth affects our environment. CAPS’ calls to Mr. Mar’s and Mr. Campos’ offices to introduce them to the research and the facts went unreturned.

“There are many daunting issues facing California and the San Francisco area, so I’m surprised that Mr. Mar and Mr. Campos see this as the best use of taxpayer time,” commented Hull.  “With 12% unemployment and families having trouble putting food on the table, it seems like job creation would be a better use of the Board of Supervisors time.”

This attack on the ads comes just hours before the campaign is scheduled to conclude.  However, based on the positive feedback CAPS received from San Francisco residents, Hull is considering bringing the ads back to the San Francisco area.

For more information about CAPS or to view the ad campaign, please visit